Why study English at MC?

The English major emphasizes the study of linguistics, the various schools of literary criticism, and a broad range of literature, studied in its aesthetic, historical, cultural, political, and philosophical contexts. In all classes, students will read with discernment, analyze and interpret literary form, structure, and style in various genres of writing. Students in this major are able to conduct independent research, orally articulate their ideas with confidence, and write with clarity, conciseness, appropriate organization and a level of usage and style suitable for an intended audience.

Maryville College Works is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.

On campus opportunities

Student staff members of The Highland Echo publish a 10-page campus newspaper every other week during the semester. Impressions, an annual publication and bimonthly online literary magazine, features artwork, creative writing and poetry submitted by MC students. Sigma Tau Delta, a national English honor society, publishes two literary journals of student work and holds an annual convention at which students may present academic work and creative writing.

Meet a current student

Kandyn Leach ’18
Hometown: Lenoir City, Tenn.

After earning her bachelor’s degree from Maryville, Kandyn plans to enroll in graduate school. Her dream is to become an English professor. She is already sharing a passion for reading by volunteering with Bridge Refugee Services and giving English lessons to non-native speakers. “Maryville College is preparing me for the future by encouraging independent study and inspiring a constant curiosity about the world and people around me,” she said. “All of my professors have not only encouraged questions and given me answers, they have taught me how to discover answers on my own.”

Outcomes of Recent Grads

Featured Graduates

marquis chappell '16
Currently: teacher at esperanza academy in lawrence, ma

MarQuis credits MC’s English department for preparing him to teach English and reading to 7th and 8th graders at Esperanza Academy, a private, all-girls school. “I am grateful to my English professors and the coursework at MC. The various approaches to reading and interpreting literature I was taught prepared me to guide my students through the various challenging works I have them reading now.”


Jonathan Brent ’12
Currently: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto

After studying at MC, Jonathan attended the University of Chicago and earned a master’s degree in Religious Studies. He then moved to the University of Toronto to pursue medieval studies, a passion he found at Maryville College. “I’ve been interested ever since I did the survey of ancient to medieval literature in college with Dr. [Sam] Overstreet,” he said. “The relationships that I was able to develop at MC were invaluable in providing a sense of direction and a sense of confidence in my ability to pursue this and come out of it in a successful way.”

Graduate School Placements

Emory University, English
Florida State University, Law
Georgetown University, Communications
Mercer University, Law
Pennsylvania State University, Education
SUNY Albany, English
Union Theological Seminary, Systematic Theology
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Folkloristics
University of Tennessee Knoxville, Clinical Counseling, Creative Writing, English
Education, Library and Information Sciences, Social Work
University of West Florida, Earth Science
Vanderbilt, Education

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Sam Overstreet

Professor of English, Ralph S. Collins Professor in the Humanities
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Dr. Will Phillips

Chair, Division of Languages & Literature; Associate Professor of English
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Mr. Kim Trevathan

Associate Professor of Writing/Communication
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Mrs. Lynn Coning

Assistant Professor of English
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Mr. Scott Steele

Assistant Professor of English
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Ms. Christina Seymour

Lecturer in English
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Ms. Jan Taylor

Lecturer in Composition
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Dr. Nathaniel Norman

Visiting Lecturer of English
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Dr. Matthew Blanshei

Adjunct Instructor of English
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Mrs. Diana Curtis

Adjunct Instructor of English
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Ms. Shannon Heath

Adjunct Instructor of English
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Mr. Ted Higgs

Adjunct Instructor, English & Latin
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Ms. Teresa Hooper

Adjunct Instructor of English
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Ms. Cynthia Spitler

Adjunct Instructor of English
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