Chair, Division of Mathematics & Computer Science, Professor of Statistics


Statistical science has application to many diverse and fascinating fields.  In my career I have had the opportunity to do pharmaceutical research with Eli Lilly & Company, environmental assessment with an EPA program, agricultural research with crop scientists at NC State University, consulting projects in adult education through the University of Tennessee, institutional research at Maryville College, and prospect evaluation with a Major League Baseball team.

This latter project is consistent with an ongoing interest of mine—the application of statistics to gain insights into sports.  And this interest has led to collaborating with a number of talented students on senior studies.  Topics have included development of statistical methods to evaluate

  • Player performance in baseball, basketball, and football
  • Strategic decisions in basketball and football
  • Ranking and playoff systems in college football
  • Rider and horse interaction in equestrian events

In addition to sports applications, I’ve also had the pleasure of working with excellent students as they’ve applied statistical science to optimize decision-making for a game show, assess quantitative literacy, and impute missing data in remote sensed images.

Whether researching sports, education, business, or the environment, developing statistical reasoning skills can have a life-long impact, not only in career opportunities but more broadly in how we view the world around us.  If this interests you, I would welcome the chance to work with you to develop those skills.

Curriculum Vitae