Lecturer in Mathematics

Curriculum Vitae

You can download my CV at the following link. It was last updated November 2019.

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Published Papers

Smith, Jesse Gerald, "Isomorphisms and Planarity of Zero-Divisor Graphs", Chapter in “Advances in Commutative Algebra”, Page 245-263, Springer , 2019.

Smith, Jesse Gerald, "When Ideal-Based Zero-Divisor Graphs are Complemented or Uniquely Complemented," International Electronic Journal of Algebra, Volume 21,198-204.

Research & Senior Study Interests

I am currently researching the interplay between the graph theoretic and ring-theoretic properties of zero-divisor graphs and their associated rings.  Focus has been given to a generalization of the zero-divisor graph called the ideal-based zero-divisor graph.  I have been able to classify all finite commutative rings with nonzero identity (up to isomorphism) with nontrivial (nonzero ideal and nonempty graph) planar ideal-based zero-divisor graph. I am also interested in zero-dimensional rings with a focus on a subclass of these rings called vonNeumann regular rings. 

The concept of the zero-divisor graph is an accessible topic to undergraduates with a semester of Abstract Algebra and a basic notion of Graph Theory.  This makes for great potential as undergraduate research projects in the area of Abstract Algebra.  This would be something that I would like to pursue with qualified undergraduates  There are open questions in this area that would be amenable to strong undergraduate students.  In addition, I studied computer science at Maryville College during my undergraduate degree, and I am interested in assisting students in Computer Science research.  Combining research in both Computer Science and Abstract Mathematics is possible as well. 

I am also intrigued by Mathematics in Art (particularly interested in the Golden Ratio). I am currently looking for a student who might want to do a statistical research on whether or not the Golden Ratio is more aesthetically pleasing to Maryville College students.

Additionally, over the last couple of years I have learned much about 3D printing. The process of 3D Modeling and Printing is amazingly inspiring. It is a wonderful way to engage students and help them get hands on experiences with both mathematical concepts and engineering principles. I have had experience with software, hardware, and firmware for a variety of 3D printers over the last two years (this includes Cartesian Style Printers, Delta Style Printers, and Core XY Style Printers). I am a co-adivsor of the Maryville College 3D Printing Club (MC3D).

Senior Study topics that I have advised include the following:

  1. An Overview of Zero-Divisor Graphs
  2. On the Theory of Congruences
  3. Hypotrochoids*: iOS Application and Laser Project 
  4. Mathematical Magic: A Study of Number Puzzles
  5. Mathematics and Music: Generating Polyrhythms from Cyclic Subgroup Structures”                                      

*Hypotrochoids are spirographs

Currently I am working with Jenna Delozier on her Senior Study topic of "“Optimizing Calculations for Hartree-Fock Equations."

Some Personal Information

I am from East Tennessee, growing up in West Knoxville. I attended Karns Elementary, Middle, and High School. I spent an amazing four years here at Maryville College earning a B.A. in both Mathematics and Computer Science. Graduate school took another 6 years at the University of Tennessee Knoxville where I learned a lot about Abstract Algebra from my adviser Dr. David Anderson.

I have been back at Maryville College as a faculty member since the 2014-2015 academic year.  I tell my students there are 3 big reasons for me being here:

  • I Love Mathematics! It's beautiful and a true joy.
  • I love this community. It's an amazing place, full of amazing people, and rich in scholarship.
  • YOU (the student)! I am here to help you understand mathematics. Hopefully, I can also share some of the beauty and joy of mathematics with you.