Why study Religion at Maryville College?

Studying religion at Maryville College means learning to understand a complex and rapidly changing world. Religion majors grapple with enduring questions about what it means to be human and they study the rich variety of responses that different human cultures have produced, from the Bible to the teachings of the Buddha. But studying religion also means seeking meaning in the world today: it means contemplating your own place in the universe, understanding why some religious people commit their lives to social justice and others commit violence, examining religious pluralism in the United States, and traveling to any number of our study abroad sites--from India to Argentina to Ghana--to encounter new religious worlds. And religion majors learn skills that are most prized by today’s employers: independent research, precise speaking and writing, and an understanding of diversity.

Maryville College Works is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.

Meet a current student

Sam Phillips ’19
Hometown: Knoxville, Tenn.

Sam came to Maryville College knowing that he wanted a liberal arts education but not knowing exactly what path to pursue. In his quest to seek meaning for himself and make an impact on the world around him, he declared a major in religion. “Since then, I have deepened my understanding of religion in general and of my own religious tradition in particular,” he said. “Maryville College has given me opportunities to work in youth ministry and contemporary church ministry. Further, I plan to continue my interest in philosophy and religion while studying abroad in Germany. All of these opportunities by Maryville College have helped bring into focus a decision to attend seminary after graduation.”

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Featured Graduate

Caroline Anglim ’13
Currently: Ph.D. Student, Univ. of Chicago Divinity School

Caroline’s coursework at MC sparked a curiosity about the ways in which religion manifests in the public sphere, particularly in popular debates about medical decision making. Her doctoral work in religious ethics focuses on the ways in which religion has historically shaped and continues to intersect with medical ethics in the United States. “My transition to the University of Chicago has been seamless, thanks to the quality of my undergraduate training in research and writing,” she said. “As a student at MC, I learned how to comb through details about religious beliefs and practices, to re-mold those details into multi-layered categories and, most importantly, to tell the stories that emerge from those categories.”

Job Placements

Acadia Healthcare
Blount Memorial Hospital
First Presbyterian Church of St. James
Hopkinsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Los Angeles Youth Network
Riverside Community Care

Graduate School/Seminary Placements

Asbury Theological Seminary
Boston College Graduate School of Social Work & School of Theology and Ministry
Boston University
Columbia Theological Seminary
Duke Seminary
Emory University
Louisville Presbyterian Seminary
Memphis Theological Seminary
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Union Theological Seminary, New York
University of Chicago Divinity School
University of Edinburgh
University of Leeds
University of Tennessee
University of the South
Vanderbilt University