About the Maryville College Alumni Association (MCAA) Board

In collaboration with the Alumni Office, MCAA Board members help set the direction of MC alumni engagement, ensure MC’s continued well-being and work to sustain its foundation of excellence. 

The MCAA Board is an advocacy board, focusing on alumni engagement and strategies to enhance the alumni impact on the College’s forward progress.  Work by the board includes support of local alumni association chapters, presence on at campus events, supporting student endeavors through participation in educational, career and experiential opportunities. Additionally, the MCAA Board supports the work of the office of Institutional Advancement and the Division of Enrollment by participation in fundraising efforts and College promotion. Finally, the board serves to support the alumni award nomination process.


  • The board meets twice per academic year – once in the spring, usually at Commencement and once in the fall. Attendance at each MCAA Board meeting is expected. Additional special sessions may be called, especially for specific committees.
  • MCAA Board members may serve on board committees specifically addressing particular issues.
  • MCAA Board members may be asked to represent MC on an ad hoc basis and are encouraged to participate in alumni and development activities when needed.
  • MCAA Board members must have a serious commitment to, and interest in, the work of the College.
  • To represent Maryville College and the Alumni Association in a positive and professional manner at all times and in all places.  This may involve talking with prospective students, meeting with or calling other alumni, and attending College and alumni activities and programs whenever possible.
  • To assist Maryville College and the Alumni Association in identifying, cultivating, and involving alumni in areas such as hosting alumni events, student recruitment, student mentoring, job placement and more.
  • To financially support Maryville College on an annual basis.
In return, MCAA Board members can expect:
  • Their time to be used efficiently for tasks and projects directly related to Maryville College and the Alumni Association's goals.
  • Support, resources, and regular communication from Maryville College.
  • Recognition and acknowledgement for their service and commitment to Maryville College.
  • Networking opportunities with other Maryville College alumni and friends committed to the future of the College and the Alumni Association.


  • MCAA Board membership is limited to 9 members for each of 3 board class years. This does not include officers or chapter representatives.
  • Each MCAA Board member serves a three-year term. Members may be invited to serve a second three-year term. When a board member leaves prior to completion of their term, members selected to complete the term will be eligible for reappointment for a full term.
  • Board membership attempts to reflect the population of the alumni in all areas including, but not limited to, age, gender, race, location, etc. in order to have a diverse cross-section of representation.


MCAA Board members are representative of Maryville College’s diverse alumni body. While member’s personal and professional backgrounds vary, all are passionate about MC, proven leaders with a history of professional achievement or civic involvement, and tireless volunteers dedicated to the College and its work. To be eligible to serve on the MCAA Board, candidates must be alumni of Maryville College (defined as having a degree or having completed a minimum of three or more semesters in a degree-granting program). Current faculty, staff or students, are not eligible.


To be considered a qualified candidate for the MCAA Board, the applicant will have demonstrated much of the following:

  • Evidence of leadership experience, professional achievement and/or civic involvement.
  • Commitment to the College with a record of volunteer service.
  • Commitment through financial support and a willingness to participate in fundraising efforts.
  • Willingness to physically attend regular board and committee meetings (both on and off campus).
  • Previous board experience is a plus.

In order to complement and strengthen the composition of the current board, additional criteria such as diversity and area of expertise may be considered.

Note to Nominators:

Comprehensive information is critical in creating a qualified pool from which to choose the incoming Alumni board members.  Nominators are asked to discuss the MCAA Board Nomination with the nominee before submitting a nomination. Please review the questions on the Nomination Form with nominees so the answers are accurate and complete (print questions here).  Additionally, let the nominee view the guidelines above to determine if an MCAA Board position is appropriate for them. Finally, one letter of recommendation is required and may be uploaded below.

The following items must be submitted in order for your nomination packet to be complete:
  • Completed MCAA Board Nomination Form (below)
  • A copy of the nominee’s resume, CV, LinkedIn profile url, or professional summary.
  • 1 letter of support from an individual other than the nominator. 
  • A letter of intent from the person nominated.

Deadlines: Nominations are due Oct. 15 for consideration in the follow year's admittance to the Board. Nominees not chosen for the following board cycle will be retained as nominees for two years from the date of nomination.

We appreciate your efforts to nominate potential members for the MCAA Board.  Maintaining Maryville College's high standards of excellence, each nomination will be reviewed thoroughly to determine the best fit for the Board and the College.

Qualifications: Members of the Alumni Board must be alumni of Maryville College. An alumnus/alumnae is defined as anyone who has completed at least one year in good standing at Maryville College.