What is the Great Scots! volunteer program?

Many MC alumni, alumni spouses, students, and friends have expressed an interest in volunteering at the College. From these requests, the Great Scots! volunteer program was created to offer opportunities to stay connected and support the mission of the College. Great Scots! is “volunteer-friendly” as projects are well-organized and designed for all skill levels. Great Scots! volunteers have the flexibility to choose the level of their involvement and the commitment of their time. During the 2012-2013 academic year, GS! Volunteers donated over 8,000 hours to the College and the Clayton Center for the Arts! 

What are the volunteer opportunities?

Great Scots! opportunities are grouped into 6 categories: Administrative, Athletics, Hospitality, Friends of the College Woods, Landscaping, and Archives. Examples of these categories are:

• Administrative support, assist with mailings, registrations, & event preparation, library research and proctor exams

• Basketball(15 Scots & 12 Lady Scots home games): concession & ticket sales
• Soccer: ball runners

• Assist with the preservation of the nearly 200-year History of Maryville College
• Due to space restrictions participation is limited; currently all positions are filled.
• Please register if you would like to be contacted for future opportunities.

• Serve as a host or greeter for campus events.

How does the Great Scots! volunteer program work?

Most volunteer opportunities are between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Contact Marde Soutullo, coordinator of the Great Scots! Volunteer program, or sign up on line.  We appreciate your interest and you will be contacted about volunteer opportunities.



are off to a GREAT START!

Since June 09, Great Scots! Volunteers have donated over 1,071 hours assisting the College with administrative, athletic, horticulture, and archives support. Over the past seven months, contribution of the Great Scots! calculates to 134 – 8 hour days.