The Synod of Tennessee established the “Southern and Western Theological Seminary” in 1819, persuaded by the Rev. Isaac Anderson, pastor of Maryville’s New Providence Presbyterian Church, who saw a great need for trained ministers and churches in the new frontier. Anderson was the seminary’s only teacher and officer for six years. Initially located on land in present-day downtown Maryville, the institution was chartered “Maryville College” by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1842 and moved to its present location in 1867.

Today, the College serves approximately 1,200 undergraduates and is a nationally ranked institution known for successfully joining the liberal arts with professional preparation.

For a more complete history, see our Founding Story.


Isaac Anderson, 1819-1857
John Joseph Robinson, 1857-1861
Peter Mason Bartlett, 1869-1887
Samuel Ward Boardman, 1889-1901
Samuel Tyndale Wilson, 1901-1930
Ralph Waldo Lloyd, 1930-1961
Joseph J. Copeland, 1961-1977
Wayne Anderson, 1977-1986
Richard I. Ferrin, 1987-1992
Gerald W. Gibson, 1993-2010
William T. Bogart, 2010- 

Alma Mater

Where Chilhowee’s lofty mountains
Pierce the southern blue
Proudly stands our Alma Mater,
Noble, grand, and true.

Orange, garnet, float forever,
Ensign of our hill!
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater,
Hail to Maryville!

As the hilltop crowned with cedars
Ever green appears,
So the memory fresh shall linger
Through life's smiles and tears.


Lift the chorus, wake the echoes,
Make the welkin ring!
Hail the queen of all the highlands,
Loud her praises sing!


Fight Song

On highlanders down the field
rolling up a high score
tear into the end zone smashing through that line
Send a rousing cheer on high
and our boys will shine
We're gonna fight fight fight
We're gonna fight fight fight
For good ole Maryville!