• President: CJ Bryson
  • Vice President: Tatyania Watts
  • Treasurer: Andrew Brittain
  • Secretary: Brynn Follas
  • Historian: Nataly Bennett
  • Social Media: Catherine Earp


  • Marquis Dotson - keyboards
  • Leonard Ervin - Bass guitar
  • Rev. Nolan Nevels - lead and rhythm guitars
  • Nolan Nevels II - Drums
  • Barry Heaton - Trumpet
  • Jeff Jennings - Trombone
  • Larry Ervin - Director/ Sax
  • Phillip McCants - Violin

What They're saying about Voices of Praise…

Welcome to the official page of Voices of  Praise (VOP). For more than 20 years, VOP has traveled across the United States spreading the gospel and engaging audiences of all generations, cultures, ethnic groups, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, and all other forms of diversity. VOP is composed of a diverse group of individuals who enjoy connecting through the power of music, worship, and fun. VOP is an open group with no audition required in order to obtain membership. Anyone is welcome to join us as we travel, sing, worship, and bond as a VOP family.  Please check out our Facebook page or contact a member of the leadership team for more information. We also have a YouTube page where we will share some of our performances. We look forward to meeting you!

"Over the years, students, community members, and leaders have come and gone. Still, V.O.P. has survived and been blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ… was started as a multi-cultural group to sing praises to the Lord and still maintains this purpose. V.O.P has also been blessed to record two CD's during its existence."
-Melissa Wright

"This group of young people represents all facets of the schools population. The group was started to give minorities pride in an aspect of their culture. This group has grown beyond the black and white to the spiritual renewing and strengthening that we all get from being a part of this cup of Christ. We were made to praise."
-Larry Ervin

"Voices of praise has truly been a blessing to the students and community. God has done marvelous things with us. Through our praises others become closer to god and through that god receives the glory."
-Tiffany Coleman

Events (First Semester)

  • Homecoming
  • Retreat
  • Family Weekend
  • Phone-a-thon
  • Full Worship Service at St Paul Baptist Church
  • Diversity Weekend
  • Morning worships: Oakview Baptist, St. John Baptist Church, Sevier Heights
  • G.L.I.M.P.S.E.: Black Student Leadership Conference

Events (Second Semester)

  • Annual Tour: North and South Carolina
  • Mini-tour: Chattanooga
  • Local Church Services

Voices of Praise sing on MLK Day

About VOP