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  Name Information
Mr. Josh Anderson Wellness Coordinator Bartlett Hall Suite 208 (865) 981-8178
Ms. Jill Bolton Executive Assistant Bartlett Hall Suite 327 (865) 981-8213
Ms. Jessica Boor Director of Student Services Bartlett Hall Suite 306 (865) 981-8194
Mr. Larry Ervin Director of Multicultural Affairs Bartlett Hall Suite 301 (865) 981-8222
Ms. Doniqua Flack Student Programming Advisor/Resident Director Davis Hall (865) 981-8013
Ms. Kristin Gourley Assistant Dean of Students Bartlett Hall 327 (865) 981-8215
Ms. Ashley Hancock Part-Time Resident Director Gamble Residence Hall (865) 981-8192
Ms. Vivian Hill Office Manager, Residence Life Bartlett Hall Suite 337 (865) 981-8192
Mr. Bruce Holt Director of Counseling Bartlett Hall Suite 337 (865) 981-8035
Mr. Roman Lay Part-Time Resident Director Copeland Residence Hall (865) 981-8192
Ms. Raeann Reihl Resident Director/Housing Coordinator Bartlett 306 (865) 981-8355
Dr. Melanie V. Tucker Vice President and Dean of Students Bartlett Hall Suite 327 (865) 981-8111 View More