It's your wedding day!

As you look around, you enjoy the view of 263 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and rolling hills. All around you are well kept flower gardens with bursts of color, tall, mature trees and historic buildings. All of this and more await you at Maryville College and the Clayton Center for the Arts. Our location, services and facilities lend the perfect blend of natural beauty and historic charm with personal and professional service to meet and exceed your expectations.

Corporate Sales and Events stands ready to help you plan the biggest day of your life- your wedding day! One phone call to our office is all it takes to begin planning your wedding - from your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to your bridal breakfast.

If your wedding is in June or July, we even offer overnight housing and meals to your out of town guests. Ask us for more details.

Call today to make your reservation. You'll be glad you did!


Weddings and Receptions at the Clayton Center for the Arts

Weddings and Receptions on Maryville College Campus

Weddings F.A.Q. for Maryville College
& the Clayton Center for the Arts

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How long is the wait to get married at the College or Clayton Center for the Arts?

We actually do not officially book anything prior to 12 months in advance, although you can be put on a waiting list for the date you are looking for if it is more than 12 months in advance. Reservations are made for the Clayton Center for the Arts on a first come, first served basis. If the time you want is available, you can book it whether it’s one year or one week away! Our advice to you is to make your reservation as early in your planning process as possible so that you have the best chance of getting the date and time you want.

Do you have to be affiliated with Maryville College to get married here?

No, anyone can be married at the College, including the Clayton Center for the Arts, regardless of their affiliation with the College or religious or faith preference.

Can any religion use the facility?

Yes, the Clayton Center for the Arts welcomes couples and ceremonies of all faiths and cultures.

Can we include different religious elements and/or religious traditions in our ceremony?

Yes, however, anything that will involve the burning of incense, open flames, or other deviations from our policy must be approved by the Event Manager prior to your event.

How long are the time slots?

Our rental periods are for up to eight hours or as much more time you think you might need if it is available.

Can we have food and beverages?

Yes! We have preferred caterers who are approved to service events. You can find out more by visiting our Catering page.

Is there space for storage?

Unfortunately, we do not have any storage space. Please ensure that your deliveries are made within your scheduled time block.

How early before the wedding can you decorate?

All decorating and set-up must be accomplished within your contracted time block. Decorating at your rehearsal is permitted.

What happens to items left behind after the ceremony?

Items that are left behind will be kept in the office of the Event Manager at the Clayton Center for the Arts. If they are not claimed within 30 days, they will be donated to charity or thrown away.

Can we have a Friday night rehearsal?

Yes, rehearsals may be part of your contracted time.

Is my wedding the only event scheduled on my day?

No, but there could be another event before and/or after your event. We do leave a “buffer” time of one hour between events to make sure there is no parking overlap and to give the Event Staff time to prepare the buildings between each event.

Do you recommend other vendors?

No, we do not recommend any specific vendors. However, we can give you listing of local businesses that have been used by our patrons in the past.

What happens if the bride or groom is late?

You contracted access times to the Clayton Center for the Arts are not flexible. If the bride or groom is late, you still must exit the buildings when your reservation time ends. In many cases another event will be taking place after yours and we cannot disrupt the next party’s scheduled time because you were late. We encourage the bride and groom and all bridal party members to arrive well before the ceremony start time so that everything can run on schedule on the wedding day.

Do you have any decoration restrictions?

We have several restrictions: The first is regarding the use of candles. The College permits the use of a Unity candle set if desired, but no other candles are allowed. The second is regarding confetti or glitter.  The College does not permit the use of confetti, glitter or other such celebratory goods. Other restrictions include taping or tacking anything to the floor, walls or wood. Nothing is to be hung or attached on the main entry doors, windows or permanent signage.

What are my clean-up responsibilities?

The Clayton Center for the Arts must be left in the same condition that it was found. Everything must be removed including all flowers, bows, petals, ribbons, floor runners, programs, etc. and clean up after your guests. We recommend having designated members of your wedding party responsible for clean up. Event staff will take care of general cleaning (sweeping, cleaning windows, etc.) in between each event. Any clean-up deemed excessive will incur an additional charge.

Do you have a payment plan and if so what is the schedule?

No, we do not have a payment plan. We require that a deposit of half of the rental fee plus a $500 damage deposit to submitted with a signed contract. The final balance will be due prior to your event.

Can pictures be taken during the ceremony?

The Clayton Center for the Arts has no specific policy on when pictures can be taken during the ceremony. We recommend talking with your officiant to see if they have any guidelines.

Can we have more than one photographer?

Yes. You can have as many as you like.

Are there music restrictions?

No, your music selections are completely up to you. Our Technical Directors will be happy to work with you to arrange your sound needs.

Can we use pets?

No, animals (with the exception of guide or assistance dogs) are not permitted in any campus buildings.

Can I change my date and/or time?

Yes, as long as the date/time you would like is available you can adjust it however you wish. You will need to make an appointment to come in and initial the changes to your contract. Please remember that nothing is official until you come and initial the contracts.

I need to cancel my event.

All cancellations need to sent in writing to the Director of Corporate Sales & Events via mail or email. Your deposit is non-refundable, but if you have already paid any portion of your fees, that amount will be refunded.

Questions specific to the Clayton Center for the Arts:

Is there a place to dress?

Each wedding contract includes two dressing areas for the bride and her party as well as the groom and groomsmen.  There are restrooms available as well.

Will there be anyone from the Clayton Center for the Arts to assist us, if so is there an additional fee?

Yes, the services of the Corporate Sales Event Services Team are included in your reservation fee. The Event Services Team are primarily responsible for the set up and use of the facility and equipment. They do not, however, perform personal services for guests. The Event Services Team will meet with you before your wedding day to help with planning your big day.  They will set up according to your plans when your reservation time begins. Event Staff will be on site for the entirety of your contracted time.

Where is guest parking?

Guest parking is available in our lot adjacent to the Clayton Center. Our overflow lots are across campus in various lots.

What happens if my guest number increases?

The Clayton Center for the Arts is limited in seating and 250 is the absolute maximum number of guests that can be accommodated. Please be sure that your guest list does not exceed this.

Does the Clayton Center for the Arts provide musicians?

No, you must hire your own musicians. The Clayton Center for the Arts welcomes musicians of all kinds and does not restrict the kind of music or the performers you select.