Contact: Doniqua Flack, Director of Campus Life,  865.981.8192

Going to college is one of the most pivotal times in an individual’s life.  During the college years a person’s development, begun through the modeling and guidance of parents and fostered by teachers and other influential adults, begins to take full form.  The faculty and the curriculum provide the cornerstone for this intense period of learning, but Maryville College recognizes the fact that many learning opportunities occur outside the classroom.  The Student Development staff offers a wide variety of programs, from athletics to campus ministry, that provide for a “total learning experience”.


Maryville College is primarily a residential college with 70% of our students (85% of our first year students) living on campus.  This translates into a residential policy that requires students taking twelve or more credit hours to live in College residence halls unless they live with their spouse, parents or guardian in the community. Standard exceptions to the residency policy include: students 23 years of age or older and 5th-year seniors. Residents not enrolled as full-time students may not occupy residence halls without the expressed written permission of the Vice President and Dean of Students.

Resident Assistants (RAs): RAs are student staff members who are assigned to each floor or quad of rooms. They plan activities, help with problems and interpretation of College policy and assist the professional staff.

Residence Director (RD): An RD is a part-time professional staff member who is responsible for the needs of one residence hall.