Please feel free to contact us or stop by if you have any questions about Residence Life or life in the Residence Halls. Our office is located in Bartlett Hall, suite 306. Our office hours are from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., M-F. Sometimes we're open earlier and sometimes we're here later-- just depends on what's going on. Stop by and visit, we'd be happy to see you!

Professional Residence Life Staff

Main Office Contact:

Office Manager, Ms. Vivian Hill - 865-981-8192
Office Fax: 865-273-8815

Director of Campus Life:

General oversight of Residence Life and Student Organizations

Ms. Doniqua Flack- 865-981-8194

Assitant Director for Housing Operations:

Oversight of residence life room selection, placement, and changes

Ms. Raeann Reihl - 865-981-8355

Student Activities Coordinator:

Oversight of Student Programming Board, campus activities, and residence life programming

Ms. Doniqua Flack - 865-981-8013


Professional Live-In Staff for Residence Halls:

We have a number of degree-holding professionals who live on campus and have oversight over the individual residence halls. In most cases, these individuals live in the building for which they are listed for being responsible.

Beeson Village - Twitch -

Carnegie Hall - Twitch -

Copeland Hall - Alexis -

Court St. Apartments -Jessica -

Davis Hall -  Doniqua -

Gamble Hall - Jake -

Gibson Hall - Raeann -

Lloyd Hall - Julea -

Pearsons Hall - Julea -

Work Orders

Have an issue in your room: light out, sink leaking, broken window? Click on the link for your building below and we'll make sure that a work order is submitted for your problem. Please be specific when listing the issue, e.g., if you have a leaky sink, is it in the kitchen or the bathroom? Make sure to list your name, residence hall, and room number.

Before the work can be done, the area immediately surrounding the issue will need to be clear. Leaving personal items in the way of the work will significantly delay the repair. 


Beeson Village -

Carnegie Hall -

Copeland Hall -

Court Street Apartments -

Davis Hall -

Gamble Hall -

Gibson Hall -

Lloyd Hall -

Pearsons Hall -