2018 Residence Hall Check In Dates

Students participating in certain activities will arrive to campus on different dates and times. Please check the list below to ensure that you arrive on the correct date. This chart will be updated throughout the summer as move-in / check-in dates for student groups are determined. 

For incoming and new students, please check your email during the summer for your specific move-in time.

Move-in Schedule

Date Time Group Location
Check in
Tuesday, July 31 3p-4p Scots Science Scholars Mentors
Bartlett 306
Thursday, August 2 9a-11a Scots Science Scholars
Bartlett 306
Friday, August 3 12p-2p Resident Assistants
Bartlett 306
Sunday, August 5


Freshmen football & Peer Mentors (football)

Fayerweather Hall
Wednesday, August 8 8:30a-10:30a Returning football & Student athletic trainers
Fayerweather Hall
Friday, August 10 1p-3p Mountain Challenge staff & Equestrian Team
Bartlett 306
Sunday, August 12 12p-2p Peer Mentors (fall athlete and non-athlete) & Bonner Scholars
Bartlett 306
Monday, August 13



Freshmen fall athletes (volleyball & soccer) & InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Leadership Team

MC Ambassadors, Dance Ensemble, Student Programming Board, & RHA Executive Board

Bartlett Hall
Thursday, August 16

Last names A-L: 8a-9:30a 

Last names K-Z: 9:30a-11a

First Year Students

Bartlett Atrium
 Thursday, August 16 11a-2p  Returning fall athletes (cheer, volleyball & soccer)
Bartlett Atrium
 Saturday, August 18 1p-3p  Incoming Transfer students & choir leadership
Bartlett Atrium
Sunday, August 19 1pm Returning Students
Bartlett Atrium


Check-In Dates Fall 2013

Date Time Group Location
Sunday, 8/11 1-3 pm Football Peer Mentors & Mountain Challenge Residence Life
Monday, 8/12 4-6 pm Freshman Football & All Athletic Trainers Cooper
Tuesday, 8/13 9-11 am Freshman and New Volleyball and Soccer Cooper
Wednesday, 8/14 1-3 pm Equestrian Team Residence Life
Thursday, 8/15 10 am-12 pm Returning Football Cooper
Friday, 8/16 9-11 am Returning Soccer & Volleyball, Dance Team, Freshman Cheerleaders and Cross Country Residence Life
Friday, 8/16 1-3 pm Cross Country Residence Life
Saturday, 8/17 1-2 pm Mountain Challenge Residence Life
Sunday, 8/18 9-11 am Mountain Challenge Residence Life
Sunday, 8/18 1-3 pm Peer Mentors and Returning Cheerleaders Residence Life
Monday, 8/19 10am-12pm MC Step Team Residence Life
Tuesday, 8/20 10am-12pm Student Programming Board Residence Life
Tuesday, 8/20 2-4 pm Bonner Scholars Residence Life
Thursday, 8/22 2 - 6 pm Non-Fall Athlete Freshmen Residence Halls
Thursday, 8/22 2 - 6 pm New Transfer Students Bartlett Atrium
Sunday, 8/25 1 - 5 pm Returning Students (Everyone Else) Residence Halls
You may only check-in during the time allotted for your group – please do not show up earlier than the time listed.


If you need to check-in earlier than the day listed above for your group, you must call the Residence Life Office at (865) 981-8192 to make arrangements to check-in with another group. You will be charged $15 a day for guest fees.

Students who arrive early without approval will not be allowed access to their room.

 2018-2019 Residence Hall Opening and Closing Dates

Date Time Event
Tuesday, November 20 9 pm Halls Close for Thanksgiving Break*
Sunday, November 25 1 pm Halls Re-Open
Thursday, December 13 9 pm Halls Close for Winter Break**
Sunday, January 6 1-4pm Halls re-open to all students (returning and new)
Sunday, January 6   Dining service resumes at dinner
Friday, March 8 9pm Halls Close for Spring Break
Sunday, March 17 1pm Halls re-open
Wednesday, May 1 9pm Halls close for non-graduating students
Sunday, May 5 9am Halls close for graduating students

*Students may make arrangements to stay during the Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break for a guest fee.

**The halls are completely closed for the duration of College Closures between  – alternate arrangements will need to be made.

Please see the information on the procedures for residence hall breaks at the bottom of this page.

Residence Hall Breaks

During the Thanksgiving and winter holidays and Spring Break the residence halls on campus close, and we ask our students who live on campus to head home for those breaks. For each of these breaks we have a departure deadline: for the Thanksgiving break the deadline is the Tuesday before the holiday at 9:00 p.m. For winter break we ask that all students depart within 24 hours of their last final exam or, at the latest, by the Thursday of finals week at 9:00 p.m. For Spring Break the halls close at 9 p.m. on Friday before the break.

For each of these breaks, the Residence Life staff will be conducting their monthly Health and Safety Inspections at the deadline for the break. Students are asked to make sure all trash is removed from the room/suite/apartment, that all lights are off, that window blinds are raised, and that the room is locked behind the students when departing. Additionally, at the winter break, we ask that all appliances (except for College appliances) are unplugged from the outlets, and require students to return their room keys to the residence life staff in their residence hall. At Spring Break we ask students to remove their trash, open their blinds, turn off their lights, and lock their doors.

Finally, we realize that not all students can leave by the deadlines we have instated. For students who need to stay past the deadline, we ask that the student completes a break housing agreement request (it is the first link). Specific dates will be listed on the break form application site. Students may incur a $15/night charge for being allowed to stay on campus during break periods. Students should also be aware of the break policies listed on the break agreement as they are different than our standard policy because we have so few staff members available to assist students during the break period.