This is the hub for all housing forms for current/returning Maryville College students. If you are a new or incoming student, you may find your forms on the Becoming-a-Scot portal. 

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Room Deposit & Selection Information (2019-2020)

Room Deposit & Selection Information (2018 - 2019)  
$100 Room Deposits due to the Business Office January 28
Single room lottery February 1
Single room selection February 4
Triple room lottery February 5
Triple room selection February 6
Quad room lottery February 11
Quad room selection February 12
Double room lottery February 13
Double room selection February 14


2018-19 Commuter / Off Campus Request

Maryville College is a residential college, which means we believe in the value of living on campus. Your learning is not constrained to the classroom and your time in the residence halls will be a memorable and valuable addition to your education.  New this year to our halls is the addition of themed housing. Themed housing is the intentional infusing of students’ interests into the development of our vibrant communities. Please be sure you have talked to financial aid prior to applying for the housing exemption as it may impact your aid package. 

Tree Planting Infographic

You may submit your documentation to be exempt from living on campus, here.



Break Housing Agreements

Applications for housing over holiday breaks can be submitted online during the academic year. 

Students will incur a $15/day charge for being allowed to stay on campus during break periods. Break policies are different that other residence life policies during the year and are listed on the break agreement. Break forms that are turned in after the deadline may be denied, and students who have turned in late break forms will be assessed a $50 fee for submitting a late form. 

 Break Housing Applications for Thanksgiving  break must be submitted by Friday, November 9 at noon for full consideration. Any requests submitted after this date may be subject to an additional $50 fine.

Application here


Summer Housing

Summer 2018 Rooms will be available from May 24 at 1:00pm until August 18 at 9:00pm.  Students will need to notify the Residence Life office if they need housing before or after these dates. If you need housing between Spring finals and May 24, you will stay in your current room and must plan to move into your summer housing assignment between 1pm & 10pm on May 24, unless otherwise notified or approved. This date is non-negotiable and is based solely on the housekeeping schedule. If you are unable to move on May 24, you will need to find other arrangements for housing between the end of finals and the date you wish to move into your summer space.  Students who do not comply will be charged a $25 improper checkout fee.

At the end of the summer, moving to your fall housing space will happen as rooms are cleaned and become available.  You will be notified of the day you are to move rooms and you will have a 24 hour window during which you must be completely moved out of your summer housing assignment.  This day may fall during the middle of the week, so be prepared to make necessary arrangements.  You will be charged a $25 improper checkout if you miss the deadline time to be out of your summer housing assignment.

Room assignments and roommates will be assigned based on date priority.

The cost of the room is listed on the front of the application; the entirety of your rent due for the summer period will be applied to your bill at the beginning of summer housing. You will be expected to pay two weeks of rent in advance before you move to your summer assignment. Failure to pay the first two weeks by May 24 will result in the termination of your housing contract.  Rent will be paid in the Business Office. It is your responsibility to pay on your account throughout the summer and your account must be paid off by July 7.

Students who graduate in May 2017 are not eligible for summer housing, unless taking a summer class.


Selection of Suites:

This will be done on a priority basis by attendance at Summer Institute and application return date to the Office of Residence Life. If necessary a lottery process will be implemented. Summer housing is not guaranteed there is a limited amount of space available, so be sure to turn in your application as soon as possible.

First priority for summer housing will go to students who are attending summer school. On May 1st any remaining space will then be filled with students who are only working.

Summer housing will be in Gibson Hall on the 3rd & 4th floors and in the Court Street Apartments. To reside at Court Street, you must have a 3.0 GPA and clean judicial record. If suites/apartments are not full – roommate(s)/suitemate(s) will be assigned accordingly. CIE students may also be assigned to these spaces in order to fill our needs.


The application is currently unavailable.

Beeson Apartment Application (due Jan 23, 2019)

 This application is closed for 2019-2020.

If you wish to be considered for the waitlist, please contact the Housing Coordinator Raeann Reihl. 

Court Street Apartments (due January 23, 2019)

This application is closed for 2019-2020.

If you wish to be considered for the waitlist, please contact the Housing Coordinator Raeann Reihl.

Notes about room rates

Please note:

All double-occupancy rooms that share community baths in Copeland, Davis, Gamble, and Pearsons Hall are standard rate-priced rooms.

All rooms in Copeland, Davis, and Gamble Hall that have a kitchen or are single-occupancy are premium rate-priced rooms.

Carnegie, Gibson, Lloyd, and Pearsons Hall double-occupancy rooms with en-suite bathrooms but without kitchens are double rate-priced rooms.

Carnegie, Gibson, and Lloyd single-occupancy rooms and suites/rooms that have kitchens are premium rate-priced rooms.

All rooms in Beeson Village and the Court Street Apartments are premium rate-priced rooms.