One of the best things about Maryville College is that you get to become a part of the Maryville College community.  Students on the Maryville College campus are very active, and there are many opportunities to get involved in campus life and also to learn about American culture.  Some of opportunities available to you include:

Global Citizenship Organization (International Club)


The Global Citizenship Organization (otherwise known as GCO) strives to promote intercultural exchange between multicultural students, faculty and staff on the Maryville college campus and raise cultural tradition awareness amongst the Maryville College Community.  Each semester GCO hosts a number of international events, campus-wide and for the international community.  Past events have included: International Dance Parties, National Holiday Celebrations, International Education Week Displays and Fashion Show, Cultural Performers.  The club also does community service to give back to the local community.

Find us at World Cup Coffee during the academic year on Tuesdays @ 3:30pm at International House every other Tuesday.  Also come to our Global Showcases alternating Tuesdays in Bartlett Hall 101.

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Cultural Ambassadors Program

The Maryville College (MC) Cultural Ambassadors Program has a mission of promoting the sharing of cultures, ideas, languages, and arts from around the world at Maryville College. This includes Study Abroad opportunities through the Center for International Education and J-1 international exchange student integration into MC campus life.

The Cultural Ambassadors Program contains all J-1 exchange students, and F-1 students who have a volunteer requirement for their scholarship. It may also include other F-1 international students interested in cultural exchange and international education. Otherwise the program has a broad purpose that promotes cross-cultural integration through a variety of events, activities, trips, films, tours, lectures, sports and programs. 

iMentor Program

The iMentor program connects new international students such as you with Maryville College students. The main goal is cultural and conversation exchange; however, it is really about helping you as you prepare to arrive and in your initial adjustment to Maryville College. You are a crucial part of the program because it could not exist without you! Joining the iMentor program will give you an opportunity to:

* Adjust to and learn about Maryville College and life in the U.S.A. and East Tennessee.
* Share your own culture with local students.   
* Develop language skills.
* Get involved with new activities, make new friends and have fun!

Global Connections Host Family Program

International students at table

Maryville Global Connection is an organization of families who are interested in making and maintaining connections with Maryville College students from around the world. A "family" may consist of married or single adults, young or old, with or without children living at home. Frequency of contacts between a family and its student(s) will depend on the schedule and interests of both. Activities could include taking walks together, going shopping, eating out (or in), cooking traditional meals, playing board games, celebrating holidays and birthdays, attending sports or musical events, sharing special family times, and sightseeing in the area.

The benefits to you:

  • Practicing hearing and speaking English
  • Sharing information and traditions from home
  • Having an off-campus "home"
  • Becoming familiar with the community
  • Forming new friendships for fun and encouragement



Service is an integral part of the Maryville College experience and a major component of the College’s Statement of Purpose. Offering a variety of service opportunities provides students with a unique connection to our local, national, and global communities. Such a focus equips students with a vital perspective of civic engagement, community partnership, social responsibility, and many other life skills that will remain valuable after leaving Maryville College.

Many international students work with the Director of Volunteer Services to find local volunteer experiences.

Maryville College has over 120 community partners. Some of the most popular locations within walking distance of the college are: Habitat Home Store, Good Samaritan Clinic, Child Advocacy Center, Micah 6 Youth Groups, Student Literacy Corps and Habitat for Humanity Home Builds. 

There are also opportunities to participate on service programs during Alternative Fall and Spring Breaks

Employment / Internships

International students have the opportunity to pursue internships related to their field of study at any point after their first year of study.  This provides student with the chance to apply skills learned in the classroom in a real-life setting.  F-1 and many J-1 students also have the opportunity to seek part-time on-campus employment during their studies. 

Center for International Education Events & Activities

Students in front of Ferris Wheel

The Center for International Education plans a variety of cultural events and activities for students in the local community.  Past trips and excursions our students have taken include:

  • Visiting the Old City Historic District and Volunteer Landing, a river walk area in Knoxville
  • River rafting, horseback riding and hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Local malls and hundreds of outlet shops
  • Local and regional museums, art galleries and zoos
  • Local college and professional sports games--baseball, basketball, ice hockey and football
  • Dollywood, a large local amusement park
  • Coca Cola World, Martin Luther King Center and CNN center in Atlanta
  • Country music capital, Nashville
  • World-renowned scientific research center, Oak Ridge
  • ...and more...

Mountain Challenge

The Mountain Challenge program takes students outdoors. Area mountains, lakes, rivers, and woods provide the setting. Many of the events in the Mountain Challenge program require neither experience nor special equipment. The only requirements for these events are a willingness to try new experiences and a commitment to do your best. Some events in the program do require experience and/or proper equipment. Experience can be gained through participation in other program events, and the College will supply needed equipment. Interested persons may sign up for Mountain Challenge trips at Crawford House.

Students can participate in activities for credit or not for credit.  Students who participate in five different Mountain Challenge events may register to receive one (1) hour of academic credit. Up to three (3) hours of academic credit can be earned through Mountain Challenge and can fulfill the College experiential education requirement.


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