Maryville College is a liberal arts, church-related college. It strives to be an instrument of liberation and growth for adults of all ages. Through its curriculum the College affirms the continuing values of a broad range of study in the humanities, the sciences, and the arts. Avoiding narrow specialization, the College aims to enhance career opportunities and develop a true sense of vocation.

To prepare students for a world of uncertainty and accelerating change, the College seeks to stimulate purposeful inquiry, to encourage analytical thinking and effective expression, to foster discriminating aesthetic taste and sound judgment, to provide opportunity for developing personal values, and to nurture the deep concern for persons that leads to constructive action.

Founded by leaders of the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition, Maryville College is related to the Presbyterian Church USA in a voluntary covenant. In an atmosphere of freedom and sensitivity, Maryville College bears witness to God's revelation in Jesus Christ who challenges all human beings to search for truth, to work for justice, to develop wisdom, and to become loving persons. Continuing in this vital faith, the College believes that it must listen attentively and humbly to all human voices so that it may hear the call of God no matter how God may speak.

Maryville College is, in essence, a community for learning. This community includes persons with a variety of interests, backgrounds, beliefs, and nationalities. The faculty, as a group of scholars committed to the preservation and advancement of knowledge, emphasizes effective teaching and encourages supportive relationships with students. The students are challenged to grow in academic competence, personal and social maturity, and spiritual discernment and commitment. In such an atmosphere of openness and caring, lasting friendships are formed. Through caring for others on campus and beyond, sharing genuine concern for the world, and working to fulfill the College's purpose, directors, administration, staff, faculty, and students strive to build and strengthen the human community.

Adopted April 1980