History of the Covenant

The Maryville College community, following the example of Jesus Christ, seeks to challenge all human beings to search for truth, to work for justice, to grow in wisdom, and to become loving persons. In 1990, Maryville College students adopted these ideals from the College’s Statement of Purpose and created the Maryville College Covenant. This document sought to fuse and represent basic shared values and ideals in order to strengthen and affirm the College community. As the community has evolved, so has the expression of the Covenant. In 1996, staff and students instituted an annual ceremony during which new students join the Covenant. In 2001, a Covenant Stone inscribed with the three principles of scholarship, respect, and integrity was erected in the center of campus. This touchstone serves as a constant reminder of the Covenant. The Keepers of the Covenant, established by the College President in 2000, promote awareness of the Covenant and ensure its vitality.


As members of the Maryville College community, we strive to grow in wisdom, spiritual understanding, and service to others. We honor the diversity of individuals while affirming values we can all share. As scholars, we strive to maintain a high level of academic integrity. As learners, we aspire to be responsible men and women of mutual appreciation and respect. We pledge, then, our dedication to the community tenets of scholarship, respect, and integrity.


The Covenant


We commit ourselves to lifelong curiosity and learning, to the search for knowledge, and to intellectual creativity.


We commit ourselves to honor the worth, dignity, and freedom of ourselves and all creation, and to treat others as we wish to be treated.


We commit ourselves to truth, honesty, dependability, and responsibility in all our actions and relationships.


Student Affirmation

I affirm these standards as vital to my continued growth as a person. I realize that nothing is achieved by those from whom nothing is expected. I also recognize that constantly challenging myself to become a better person is the only way to achieve that end. I therefore join this covenant with the Maryville College community and vow to uphold the principles of scholarship, respect, and integrity.
Revised, 2005 

Keepers of the Covenant

Since the Covenant was established, the Keepers of the Covenant provide campus leadership for keeping watch over the College Covenant, and to ensure its viability as a document that inspires the Maryville College community toward honoring its principles and values. Read More »