The Maryville College Career Center team is made up of four full-time staff members and around 10 Peer Career Coaches per year to collectively provide exemplary support in career exploration, professional development, and access to competitive part-time jobs, internships, fellowships, and full-time roles after graduation. Additionally, the Career Center provides resources and coaching to students as they progress through the Maryville College Works program and those who are interested in pursuing graduate school. 

The Career Center builds programming with the goal of equipping students in the eight essential career competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 

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Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: Exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome problems. 
Oral/Written Communications Oral/Written Communications: Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively in written and oral forms.
Teamwork/Collaborations Teamwork/Collaboration: Build collaborative relationships with colleagues and customers representing diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, religions, lifestyles, and viewpoints. 
Digital Technology Digital Technology: Leverage existing digital technologies ethically and efficiently to solve problems, complete tasks, and accomplish goals. 
Leadership Leadership: Leverage the strengths of others to achieve common goals, and use interpersonal skills to coach, develop, guide and motivate others.
Professionalism/Work Ethic Professionalism/Work Ethic: Demonstrate personal accountability including productive work habits, punctuality, and time management while maintaining a professional work image. 
Career Management Career Management: Understand and articulate one's skills, strengths, and knowledge to identify areas for professional growth.
Global/Intercultural Fluency Global/Intercultural Fluency: Value, respect and learn from diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations and religions.


Career Center Staff

Christy McDonald SlavickChristy McDonald Slavick, Director 

Christy serves as the employer liaison, strategic partnership manager, and career event facilitator. She primarily supports graduating seniors with their next steps as they search for full-time jobs, graduate school, or other opportunities. 

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Sarah Taylor YeapleSarah Yeaple, Assistant Director 

Sarah coordinates first and second-year student professional development and programming and she connects with students to explore career possibilities. Sarah ensures students can identify their strengths and leverage them to compete for job opportunities and internships. 

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Erin HalcottErin Halcott, Career Consultant

Erin is our Career Consultant and internship guru. If you need some guidance on internship preparation or searching for the right opportunity – Erin can help! She is great at helping students get their application materials ready, apply for great opportunities and prepare for interviews and follow-ups.

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Elicia FerrerElicia Ferrer, Career Outreach Specialist

Elicia is the communications specialist in the Career Center and manages all incoming and outgoing communication from the office to students, graduate schools and employers. She promotes opportunities on the Career Center social media platforms and meets with students to ensure that their social media presence is clean, clear, and professional. 

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Peer Career Coaches

The Peer Career Team Initiative was launched in Fall 2018 to expand support provided to students in career planning and development. Peer Career Coaches are upperclassmen who have received specialized training from Career Center staff in order to assist students in navigating the Handshake platform, understand and completing their Maryville College Works requirements, and support the part-time job and internship search process, as well as provide a second set of eyes for student resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and professional portfolios!