The Certificate Program in Ministry and Church Leadership is designed to equip students with a set of intellectual and practical skills that will help to prepare them for future work in ministry.  Though this program is not a substitute for later professional or graduate study, it offers valuable academic and practical preparation for various forms of ministry, such as, youth ministry, social outreach, and other forms of parish and pastoral work. The College will award the Certificate to students who successfully complete all program requirements as well as the requirements for graduation.  Typically, all requirements for the major and the certificate program can be completed in a normal four-year course of study.  The Certificate Program is open to students from all majors.

The Campus Minister serves as the Director of the Certificate Program.  Students work with the Director and with their faculty advisor to select appropriate courses and coordinate the requirements of the Certificate Program in relation to their other academic requirements.  The internship component of the Program is arranged in consultation with the Director.  Students interested in pursuing ministry in a non-Christian religious tradition will consult with the Director to identify appropriate course substitutions.

Maryville College Works is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.

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Students are required to complete the following components:

PHR 235: Group Facilitation (3 hrs.)
REL 228: Introduction to Christian Theology (3 hrs.)

An additional course in Biblical Studies:
BIB 130: Hebrew Bible World and Culture (3 hrs.)
BIB 140: The New Testament World and Culture (3 hrs.)

One additional course outside of the student’s major selected from the following: (3 credit hours):
BUS 201: Principles of Management (3 hrs.)
PSY 211: Child Development (3 hrs.)
PSY 218: Psychology of Adolescence (3 hrs.)
PSY 222: Adult Development & Aging (3 hrs.)
PSY 333: Counseling (3 hrs.)
REL 211: American Religious Experience (3 hrs.)
REL 212: World Religions (3 hrs.)
REL/SOC 325: Sociology of Religion (3 hrs.)
SOC 215: Sociology of Marriage & Family (3 hrs.)
SOC 315: Social Inequality (3 hrs.)

A semester-long ministry internship, selected in conversation with and supervised by the Program Director. More details can be found in the Catalog.


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