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The Academic Support Center is the central academic support component at Maryville College and it can help you excel to make the most of your college experience. The center provides learning strategies and consultations to students that focus on learning styles, textbook strategies, note-taking skills, test preparation and test-taking strategies. The Academic Support Center staff also assist students with academic goal setting, organizational skills and time management.

The Academic Support Center provides tutoring and group study sessions as well as individualized consultations.   Our most successful students at Maryville College utilize our Group Study sessions, Cooper Success Center, Supplemental Instruction, Math Tank, and Writing Center. Trained academic mentors are responsible for facilitating group study and they provide weekly study sessions reviewing class notes, lecture discussions and preparations for exams.

The Academic Support Center also houses Disability Services which offers services and accommodations for qualified students with disabilities or medical needs.  Disability Services is committed to providing timely, individual assessments of student needs and promotes self-advocacy among all students.

This fall 2020 semester MC Academic Support will utilize a hybrid model of assistance. By implementing safe and in-person support in the Academic Support Center, as well as the Google Hangout and ZOOM online platforms for our e-group study, e-tutoring, e-writing center support, and (hybrid) supplemental instruction, MC students will still have access to a wide range of carefully administered academic support. Please contact noah.bowman@maryvillecollege.edu for any academic support-related questions or requests. The ASC COL.LAB and in-person support can accessed by the back entrance of the Thaw Hall Library, behind the air conditioning units on the mountain-side of the campus.

FALL 2020 Academic Support Schedule



Cooper Success Center click or touch to open

Intercollegiate competition is a rewarding extracurricular activity that can add a special dimension to a student's life. The student-athlete at Maryville College can utilize the Cooper Success Center (CSC) to successfully balance their commitment to academics and athletics.

The Cooper Success Center is a student-led and College staff-supervised group study and positive peer modeling academic support center. Located in Cooper Athletic's Orange Room, the CSC focuses on the specific and demanding needs of the Maryville College student-athlete by providing assistance with a variety of core courses. Trained academic/athlete mentors with varying skill sets are on hand and available for any sort of specific or general academic guidance. In the Cooper Athletic Center, academic mentors utilize a peer modeling learning approach, as well as model the necessary academic college skills needed to thrive at Maryville College.

The Math Tankclick or touch to open

Focuses on all math courses from basic college-level math skills to Statistics and Calculus III. These tutoring sessions are academic mentor-led sessions. The Math Tank employs multiple math-minded academic mentors who are available six days a week, morning, noon and night.

The MC Writing Centerclick or touch to open

The MC Writing Center provides a place where students can improve their writing skills by practicing the skills necessary to become effective independent thinkers and writers. Peer consultants provide individual consultations on writing issues. Trained Maryville College writing consultants provide academic guidance and support based on their own experiences as writers and teachers of writing. The writing center consultants effectively analyze each student’s writing, ask appropriate questions for clarification, offer opportunities for practice and provide encouragement and support.

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Supplemental Instructionclick or touch to open

Supplemental Instruction (SI) are weekly review sessions for students enrolled in historically difficult courses. The sessions are facilitated by trained student Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SI Leaders) who in the past have successfully completed the course (earned an A), and are again enrolled in the course. SI Leaders hold weekly review sessions for current students to discuss important concepts, compare notes and develop strategies for preparing for exams. Currently, SI Sessions are held for the following STEM courses:  BIO 113, BIO 115, BIO 221, CHM 121, CHM 122, CHM 223, CHM 224, MTH 105, MTH 112, PHY 102, and PHY 202.

Group Study Sessions and Tutoringclick or touch to open

Located in Thaw Library, Thaw Group Study offers free mentor-led group study sessions for classes throughout the semester. The mentor-led study sessions are designed to provide a collaborative approach to learning and additional opportunities to enhance learning experiences.  The sessions may be provided in small study groups through regularly scheduled help sessions, or on an individual basis. Academic mentors and group study have designated drop-in study hours which can be found on the Academic Support Schedule. All group study sessions are provided free of charge to Maryville College students. 

Disability Servicesclick or touch to open

The Academic Support Center’s Disability Services Office seeks to meet the needs of students with documented disabilities by providing appropriate & reasonable accommodations through an interactive process. This provides an equal opportunity for students to demonstrate their academic abilities at the College.  Disability Services professionals believe the student is the most valuable resource for determining effective accommodations. Disability Services assists students in becoming self-advocates while supporting their academic & program activities at college.  Students are responsible for disclosing a disability & requesting accommodations. Students must complete the Registration Form & provide current documentation of the disability to support the request for reasonable accommodations.

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