Maryville College (School Code 003505) participates in the Federal Direct Loan Program administered by the U.S. Department of Education in order to make the student loan process as easy as possible. All students (including new, transfer and continuing) and parents who choose to borrow through student loan programs, except the Alternative/Private loan industry, must have their Federal Direct and PLUS Loans borrowed/processed through the Direct Loan Program.

If you are a continuing student who previously borrowed a student loan from a lender on MC's lender list, your lender will automatically be notified that you are still attending school. You will receive an automatic deferment of repayment on your previous loan while you are attending college. You must be enrolled in and attending at least 6 credit hours every semester to receive an automatic deferment.

Students MUST be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours before loan funds will be disbursed from the Direct Loan Program.

Getting Started:

  • Important: You will need your Department of Education issued FSA ID (the same FSA ID used for the FAFSA) in order to complete and electronically sign your new electronic Master Promissory Note (MPN) under the Direct Loan Program. If you have forgotten your FSA ID or do not yet have one, please go to to have your FSA ID sent to you.
  • Have your social security number, date of birth and driver's license number accessible.
  • You will be required to provide two personal references (full name, address and telephone number) whom you have known for at least three years. Each reference provided must reside at a different U.S. address as well as be different from the student's address.

If you have both Direct Loans and loans from other lenders, before your repayment is scheduled to begin you can apply to consolidate your loans. This can greatly reduce the monthly payment on your loans. For more information about consolidation, visit the Federal Direct Loan Consolidation webpage

Part One: Accepting Your Federal Direct Loan

You will need to log in to your MC Online Financial Aid System. You will then be able to view and accept your financial aid.

Part Two: Completing the Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling*

To receive the Federal Direct Loan with Maryville College, you will need to complete the Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling at After you complete the entrance counseling, you will be given a confirmation number. Please print this and keep it for your records. Maryville College will be notified that you completed your entrance counseling.

Part Three: Complete an Electronic Master Promissory Note (MPN)

Once you have accepted your loan, you will need to complete your Master Promissory Note. To complete your MPN, you will need to go to and click on the "Log In" button. Remember that you will need your Department of Education issued FSA ID to begin the process.

An MPN can be completed in 9 steps. We estimate that it will take 30 minutes to complete the MPN process. Make sure you allow enough time to complete the entire process in a single session. If you exit the website before submitting your signed MPN in Step 8 and return to the site later, you will have to start the process over beginning with Step 1.

1. FSA ID Registration
2. Disclosure and Consent
3. Provide Name and School
4. Complete MPN
5. Review/Read Draft MPN
6. Sign Your MPN
7. Review Signed MPN/Enter Confirmation Code
8. Confirm Acceptance of MPN Terms and Submit MPN
9. Success! Now Print Your MPN

Once you complete the MPN process correctly, Maryville College will receive notification electronically that you have completed your MPN.

*Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note must be on file with Maryville College Financial Aid Office before these loans will disburse to your student account.