In the Fall, we will move to Bartlett 2nd floor.

But, we are not closed! If you need career assistance, please email Christy McDonald to schedule an appointment. Summers are a great time to gain professional experiences.

Who We Are: 

The Maryville College Career Center promotes career success through exploration, counseling, education and connections to professional resources.

We Will:

  • Facilitate career exploration that incorporates knowledge of self and vocational options.
  • Provide individualized career counseling that supports informed decision-making.
  • Provide comprehensive career education that builds knowledge and skills in career search and acquisition.

Who We Serve:

Counseling and Consulting Services:

Call 865.981.8220 or email careercenter@maryvillecollege. edu to schedule an individualized appointment with Christy McDonald. Learn more about Ms. McDonald by visiting "Contact Us."

MC Connect:

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In order to gain employment, it is essential to build strong networks and connections to create work opportunities. MC Connect illustrates the need to connect with your campus, local and international communities to provide opportunities to gain experience. MC Connect is your one- stop shop for volunteer, part-time, full-time jobs and internship opportunities. It’s also the place where you can find an event that meets your professional interests to build your network.  We measure our success by measuring YOUR success! Please report your internship, volunteer or career opportunity on MC Connect under “Report a Hire.”