Maryville College will send official communications to students through two methods: campus post office box and/or student e-mail address. Students will be responsible for checking these locations regularly to receive official correspondence and notices.

Every full-time student will be assigned a campus post office box in Bartlett Hall Student Center.

Every full-time student will be assigned an e-mail address on the web-based e-mail system. This will be the only e-mail address recognized by the College. If students prefer to use an e-mail address through another Internet provider they will be responsible for forwarding their mail from the other provider to their address. The College will only send e-mail to students’ MC e-mail address (e.g., Faculty and staff have been instructed to only accept and use MC e-mail addresses for all e-mail communications with students.

Campus post office box assignments and e-mail addresses are provided to new students during their orientation program.