The Minor in Accounting is designed to supplement a student's preparation in a major field. It provides additional depth in the field and background for further study.

To be eligible to take the CPA exam, an individual must have earned a degree from an accredited college or university and complete a total of 150 semester hours with certain designated hours in accounting and in business. Several universities offer Master of Accountancy programs tailored for liberal arts college graduates; the admission standards of these programs require no additional accounting courses beyond what is offered through the accounting minor at Maryville College. Students interested in accounting, who have completed a Maryville College degree and accounting minor requirements may be eligible for the 15-month Master of Accountancy program available at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville upon completion of 3 additional accounting courses at UT in the summer following graduation.

The minor in Accounting is not open to students majoring in Finance/Accounting.

Course Offerings

Completion of 19/20 credit hours. 

Required courses:
BUS 215: Principles of Accounting (3 hrs.)
BUS 316: Management Accounting (3 hrs.)
BUS 365: Intermediate Accounting (3 hrs.)
BUS 366: Advanced Financial Reporting  (3 hrs.)
ECN 201: Principles of Economics (4 hrs.)


And one of the following courses:
MTH 125: Calculus (4 hrs.)
MTH 221: Inferential Statistics (3 hrs.)
MTH 222: Regression Analysis (3 hrs.)