MC Board of Directors, Fall 2019

Front Row (left to right): Cheryl Massingale, Jenny Erwin, Charles Wright, Board Chair Mary Kay Sullivan, President Tom Bogart, Marcia Rethwilm, Judy Penry
Second Row: Ann Rigell, Ginny Morrow, Diane Humphreys-Barlow, Joe Dawson, Neal McBrayer, Jennifer McCafferty-Fernandez, Hulet Chaney, Jim Kulich, Jason Brooks
Third Row: Cole Piper, Emily Anderson, Adriel McCord, Deb Willson, Don Story, Mike Davis, Sharon Youngs, Ken Bell, Tim Topham, Bill Johnson
Not Pictured:  Eric Barton, Mary Crawford, Alvin Nance, Erin Palmer-Polly, Ken Tuck

Rev. Dr. Emily J. Anderson
New Providence Presbyterian Church
Maryville, TN

Dr. Eric W. Barton
President and CEO
Vanquish Worldwide
Maryville, TN

Dr. William Kenneth "Ken" Bell
Retired Orthopedic Surgeon/Medical Director Ortho Tennessee
Maryville, TN

Dr. William T. "Tom" Bogart 
Maryville College
Maryville, TN

Mr. Jason D. Brooks '97
President and CEO 
LDA Engineering
Alcoa, TN

Mr. Hulet M. Chaney
CEO Emeritus
TN Farmers Insurance Company
Knoxville, TN

Ms. Mary F. Crawford
Independent Consultant
New York, NY

Mr. C. Michael Davis, Jr.
Retired President
Harrison Construction Company
Maryville, TN

Mr. Joseph M. Dawson '69
Retired Administrator
Blount Memorial Hospital
Maryville, TN

Ms. Jenny Jett Erwin, '68
Retired Regional Administrator
U.S. Dept. of Labor, Women's Bureau
Anthem, AZ

Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow '70
Clinical Social Worker
Knoxville, TN

Mr. J. William "Bill" Johnson
Johnson Law Firm
Maryville, TN

Dr. James "Jim" Kulich
Director, Masters in Data Science Program
Elmhurst College
Chicago, IL

Ms. Cheryl S. Massingale
Retired, Associate Professor of Business Law
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN

The Honorable W. Neal McBrayer '86
Tennessee State Court of Appeals
Brentwood, TN


Dr. Jennifer McCafferty-Fernandez '94
Chief Research Officer
Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Miami, FL

Mr. Adriel McCord '00
VP, Relationship Manager, Private Client Services
First Horizon Bank
Maryville, TN

Ms. Virginia K. Morrow
Retired Senior Vice President
Covenant Health
Knoxville, TN

Mr. Alvin J. Nance '79
CEO of Development and Management
LHP Capital, LLC
Knoxville, TN

Ms. Erin Palmer Polly '99
Butler Snow
Nashville, TN

Ms. Judith M. Penry '73
Retired Chief Financial Officer
Department of Energy - Oak Ridge
Knoxville, TN

Mr. A. Cole Piper '68
Retired, Executive, Educator
Proffitt's Department Stores
Knoxville, TN

Marcia Kilby-Rethwilm '89
Chief Legal Officer
Deroyal Industries
Knoxville, TN 

Ms. Ann L. Rigell '69
Retired, Director, Talent Management, HR
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Ten Mile, TN

Mr. Donald W. Story '67
Retired, Teacher, Coach and Administrator
Maryville City Schools
Walland, TN

Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan
Professor Emerita
Maryville College
Knoxville, TN

Mr. Timothy A. Topham '80
Area President, Executive VP, Director
Mountain Commerce Bank
Maryville, TN

Dr. Kenneth D. Tuck '54
Retired, Ophthalmologist
Roanoke, VA

Ms. Debra Willson
Freelance Riding Clinician
Athens, TN

Mr. Charles Wright
Vice President & Associate General Counsel
A&E Networks
New York, NY

Rev. Sharon K. Youngs '79
First Presbyterian Church
Oak Ridge, TN