Dr. William T. "Tom" Bogart
Fayerweather Hall
(865) 981-8101
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Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Ms. Suzanne G. Booker
Willard House
(865) 981-8203
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Executive Director for Marketing and Communications
Ms. Karen Eldridge
Fayerweather Hall
(865) 981-8207
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Vice President for Finance and Administration
Mr. Jeffery S. Ingle
Fayerweather Hall
(865) 981-8199
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General Manager for the Clayton Center and Corporate Sales
Mr. Blake Smith
Clayton Center
(865) 981-8264
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Professor of Biology, Faculty Chair
Dr. Jerilyn Swann
Sutton Science Center
(865) 981-8068
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Vice President and Dean of Students
Dr. Melanie V. Tucker
Bartlett Hall
(865) 981-8111
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Vice President and Dean of the College
Dr. Barbara Wells
Fayerweather Hall
(865) 981-8278
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