Kin Takahashi Days 2020

We regret that this event has been cancelled due to the CoVID-19 outbreak.

Please consider donating to the KT Campus Beautification Fund this year.

Dear Fellow KT’ers,

This June 1-3, 2020 will mark the 24th year since we started KT Week (now KT Days) in 1997 as a way to enhance the curb appeal of the Maryville College campus. The adjustment of the schedule to three (3) days from one week is testimony to the reduction in the need to address major projects of campus-wide appearance improvements. Congratulations!

Having recently met with Reggie Dailey and Angie Harris, we still have carpentry, painting, pressure washing, and landscaping improvement projects that will help beautify the campus, as well as archive projects to preserve our history in a meaningful way.

As we firm up the various projects and participants for this year, we will assign team leaders and teams and notify them so any personal tools may be brought along.

Thank you for your past participation in KT Week/Days. I look forward to seeing you this year, and if you know someone (alum, friend, or friend-to-be), invite them to come along for the gratifying experience of “giving back” or “giving forward” of their time and talent to a worthy cause.

 Please register before Friday, May 8.

With thanks,
Dan Greaser, ‘60