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01. When are statements available?

Effective with the Fall of 2015, statements are no longer mailed.  Each student has a Self-Service account that accesses the most recent statement, reflecting payments, changes to room and board, and changes to actual and/or anticipated financial aid.  Electronic billing is the College’s official billing method, and students/parents are responsible for viewing and paying student accounts by the scheduled due date.

02. If I have a credit balance, when can I expect my refund?

Refunds checks are generated according to what types of payments/financial aid comprises your credit. If you have a tuition payment plan, no refund can be issued until your payment plan is paid in full. Credit balances that are associated with the Hope or TSAC grants can not be refunded until the State pays Maryville College, typically 4 to 6 weeks after registration. All other credit balances are paid within 2 weeks after registration.

03. What other forms do I need to complete to be prepared for Fall registration?

Each student has a Tartan account  (MC Tartan site) that has additional forms that must be completed by early August of each year. These forms provide important information regarding credit balances, vehicle registration, and emergency contact information. It is imperative that these forms be completed before you arrive on campus in the Fall.

04. Where can I go for additional information regarding Academic Year Registration Forms?
05. How do I adjust my Tuition Payment Plan?

Please contact our Payment Plan partner directly to adjust your plan. They will help you revise your plan and contact Maryville College with the revised information.

06. What happens if I don't pay and my Tuition Payment Plan is terminated?

Your payment plan is terminated if you miss two consecutive payments. Any outstanding balances owed to the College become due the date the pay plan is terminated.

07. What does a minus sign (-) mean on my statement?

A minus sign (-) means you have an anticipated credit balance. Unless other factors change (i.e., you change your room or board selections, your financial aid changes), you will receive a refund.

08. How do I pay my balance with a credit card?

Each student has an Self-Service account that is to be used for making credit card payments for statement balances. It’s quick! It’s easy! It’s secure! It’s free! ** BE SURE TO UNBLOCK THE POP-UPs FOR THIS SITE or your computer may not allow this transaction. Also please note that credit card payments will no longer be taken over the telephone.

09. How do I find out if my balance has changed due to additional financial aid or room and board changes?

Each student has an Self-Service account that will access the most recent statement, reflecting payments, changes to room and board, and changes to actual and/or anticipated financial aid (if applicable).

10. Who do I contact if I want to change my room type or my meal plan?

Please contact Student Life at 865-981-8194.