Academic Year Registration Forms

In order for you to register for the upcoming school year, you must read and electronically sign to show you have read, understand, and agree with the Maryville College Financial Responsibility Acceptance policy. In order to fill out this form, the student must be logged in to their Maryville College Google account. If you see the "You need permission" message instead of the form, you need to log-in to your MC Email account then refresh the form. 

Read and Sign Now

All Fall semester forms and payments are due on August 1 of each year. We accept electronic payments by using students' Self-Service account. An $80 late fee will be applied to all accounts not paid in full by the published due dates. The registration forms are available via the student's Tartan account. 

Student Statements are available to view and pay via each student's Self-Service account. Each student is personally liable for payment of all charges on their student account. In accordance with the Maryville College Student Handbook, students' official transcripts will be held and they will be prevented from completing the registration process until the College receives payment in full. If the student account is referred to a collection agency, the student will be responsible for any attorneys' fees and/or costs associated with the collection of the unpaid balance. Student accounts may be reported to major credit bureaus for any unpaid balance. For additional information please read the STUDENT STATEMENT & PAYMENT INFORMATION.

Payment arrangements include the following:

  • Monthly Payment Plan through our third party vendor.
  • Financial Aid deferments (loans, scholarships, etc)
  • Notification to the Business Office by AUGUST 5th of the following other payments: RA, Bonner, GI Bill, letter from outside source (church, civic organization, etc.)

All students must also complete and submit the following forms: 

  1. Credit Balances on Student Accounts Form
  2. Vehicle Information Form, all students with or without a car