To assure that Maryville continues to be a leading church-related college, the Board of Church Visitors, a diverse group of outstanding clergy and lay leaders, meets once a year to learn about new initiatives and to advise the College concerning faith-related topics and programs. Their expertise and advocacy for Maryville’s unique college experience are tremendous assets in raising the College’s visibility, providing students a transformative education grounded in scholarship, faith and service, and envisioning shared possibilities for ministry and mission.

Maryville College Board of Church Visitors 2017-2018

Ms. Barbara Adamcik
Director of Youth and Connectional Ministries
Westminster Presbyterian
Knoxville, TN

Rev. Brian Alderman
Chaplain, King University
Bristol, TN

Rev. Laura Becker
Pastor, Northminster Presbyterian Church
Chattanooga, TN

Rev. David Boettner
Vicar General of the Diocese of Knoxville
Pastor, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Knoxville, TN

Ms. Sherry Brewer
Student, Vanderbilt Divinity School
Maryville, TN

Ms. Sue Byrne
Elder, First Presbyterian Church
Oak Ridge, TN

Rev. Evelyn Coleman
Director of Programming
Montreat Conference Center
Black Mountain, NC

Rev. Ellen Dozier '62
PC(USA) – Retired
Brevard, NC

Rev. Dr. Willa Estell
Pastor, St.Paul AME Zion Church
Maryville, TN

Rev. Amy Figg
Associate Pastor, St. John’s Lutheran Church
Knoxville, TN

Ms. Cathy Hoop
Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church
Tuscaloosa, AL

Rev. Michael Isaacs '06
Pastor, First Presbyterian Church
Middletown, OH

Ms. Leslee Hay Kirkconnell '84
Director of Christian Education
Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green
Bowling Green, KY

Ms. Marcia Kling '56
Elder, Second Presbyterian Church
Chattanooga, TN

Ms. Claire Harris Kramer
Director of Youth and their Families
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Nashville, TN

Rev. Jake Morrill
Pastor, Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church
Oak Ridge, TN

Ms. Sarah Morgan
Parish Associate for Education
Lake Hills Presbyterian
Knoxville, TN

Rev. Matt Nieman
Pastor, Farragut Presbyterian Church
Knoxville, TN

Rev. Rodney Norris
Pastor, Rogersville Presbyterian Church
Rogersville, TN

Rev. Gradye Parsons
Stated Clerk PC(USA) - Retired
Kodak, TN

Ms. Bri Payne
Executive Director, John Knox Center
Ten Mile, TN

Mr. Will Purushotham
KHP Enterprises, President
Knoxville, TN

Ms. Melanie Rasnake ‘00
Director of Christian Education
New Providence Presbyterian Church
Maryville, TN

Rev. Laura Rasor
Pastor, Broadway United Methodist Church
Maryville, TN

Mr. George Schember '63
CIA, Retired
Winchester, VA

Ms. Jeanne Schember '65
CIA, Retired
Winchester, VA

Rev. Gary Stinnett '95
Pastor of Discipleship and Students
First Baptist Church
Maryville, TN

Ms. Diane Stocker
Elder, Northminster Presbyterian Church
Chattanooga, TN

Mr. Brent Trentham
The Trentham Group
Elder, First Presbyterian Church, Knoxville

Rev. Dr. Augusta (Miki) Vanderbilt
Pastor, West Emory Presbyterian Church
Knoxville, TN

Rev. Connie Weaver
Associate Pastor, First Presbyterian Church
Asheboro, NC

Mr. Andrew Yeager-Buckley
Mid-Council Relations – PC(USA)
Louisville, KY


2017 Board of Church Visitors Group Photo

  • Row 1: (L-R) Laura Rasor, George Schember, Gradye Parsons, Barbara Adamcik, Ellen Dozier, Lyle Dykstra, Terry Dykstra, Willa Estell, Jeanne Schember, Marcia Kling, Bri Payne, Will Purushotham
  • Row 2 (L-R) Brian Alderman, Michael Isaacs, Sarah Morgan, Matt Frease, Sue Byrne, Gary Stinnett, Laura Becker, Sherry Brewer, Evelyn Coleman, Leslee Kirkconnell, Miki Vanderbilt, Matt Nieman, Brent Trentham

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2016 Board of Church Visitors Group Photo

  • 1st row – Leslee Kirkconnell, Laura Rasor, Connie Weaver, Jeanne Schember, Sarah Morgan, Melanie Rasnake, Barbara Adamcik, Kelly Rose, Bri Payne, Miki Vanderbilt
  • 2nd row – Claire Kramer, Sue Byrne, Rodney Norris, Laura Becker, Colleen Shannon, Diane Stocker, President Tom Bogart
  • 3rd row – George Schember, Mark Curtis, Matt Nieman, Jim Lunde, Al Masters, Matt Frease, Gary Stinnett

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Names for picture of 2015 Board of Church Visitors (left to right):

  • 1st row – Will Purushotham, Sue Byrne, Gary Luhr
  • 2nd row – Miki Vanderbilt, Jeanne Schember, Kelly Rose, Gary Stinnett
  • 3rd row – Mark Curtis, Laura Becker, Colleen Shannon, Bri Payne, Matt Frease
  • 4th row – Preston Shealy, President Tom Bogart, Connie Weaver, Laura Rasor
  • 5th row – Holton Siegling, Amy Figg, Marcia Kling, Leslee Kirkconnell
  • 6th row – Brian Alderman, Jim Lunde, Terry Dykstra, Lyle Dykstra, George Schember, Michael Isaacs
  • 7th row – Kathleen Farnham (church relations) Bruce Greenawalt, Anne McKee (campus minister)

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View the 2013 meeting photo

First Row: (L-R) Kelly Rose, Terry Dykstra, Mark Curtis, Byron Wade.
2nd Row: Bill Morrow, Miki Vanderbilt, Laura Becker, Chandra Gordon, Sherry Brewer, Lisa Blackwood, Cathy Hoop, Tim Ward 
3rs Row: Holton Siegling, Colleen Shannon, Andrea Paschal, Pres. Tom Bogart, Jack Danner, Charles Lomax, Amy Figg, Kevin Strickland 
4th Row: Preston Shealy, Mike Isaacs, Gary Stinnett, Paul Reiter, Andrew Yeager-Buckley, Terry Newland