All financial aid funds, except Federal Work Study funds, are applied directly to your Maryville College account established through the Business Office. The account includes educational fees, housing deposits, meal plans, books and other charges. Usually one-half of your aid is credited to your account for the fall semester and the other half is credited for the spring semester.

 If you receive a scholarship check from a source outside of Maryville College, you should mail the check to Maryville College Financial Aid Office, 502 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville, TN 37804.


In order for your financial aid funds to be applied to your MC account, you must have:

Federal Work Study

As you earn Federal Work Study funds, you will be paid through the university’s biweekly payroll system. Pay is directly deposited to your bank account.

State funds

If you receive funds from the State of Tennessee, they may be sent to Maryville College several weeks after the start of each semester. We cannot apply these funds to your account until they have been received.

Apply To All

Financial aid will automatically apply toward current tuition, required fees, housing charges and meal plans. In accordance with federal regulations, financial aid can only pay up to $200 of outstanding charges from a prior academic year.

Excess funds

If your financial aid exceeds your Maryville College charges, the balance is paid to you by check. Your check will be available to pick up in the Business Office after Maryville College has received all of your aid for the semester.