Repeat Classes and Financial Aid Eligibility Policy

New federal financial aid regulations limit the number of times a student may repeat a course and receive federal financial aid for that course.

If a Student Receives A "W" or An "F" in a Course

  • A student is allowed to repeat the same course and receive federal financial aid (in addition to assuming the office’s Satisfactory Academic Progress is met) until a “D-“grade or better is earned for the class.
  • Once the student has achieved a “D-“ grade or better, a student can repeat the same course a second time and still receive federal financial aid

If a Student Elects to Take a Repeat Class Within the Same Course a Third Time

  • Once a “D-“ grade or better has been earned, the class cannot be factored into federal financial aid enrollment eligibility
  • This rule applies whether or not a student received federal financial aid in earlier enrollments of the course

Once a Repeated Class Can No Longer Be Counted Within a Student's Enrollment for Federal Financial Aid Purposes

  • It is irrelevant for financial aid purposes if a student is required to retake a class to meet major/program GPA requirements
  • It is irrelevant if a student has a personal desire to receive an improved grade
  • This rule may seem unfriendly to the academic career of student. The rule is federal law. There is no appeal process and the rule cannot be overridden.
Examples: Taking A Repeat Class Could Reduce Your Financial Aid Enrollment For Federal Financial Aid Eligibility
Course Examples 1st Class Attempt 2nd Class Attempt 3rd Class Attempt Would 3rd Attempted Class Be Eligible For Federal Fin Aid Enrollment Consideration?
Math 110 F D Enrolled Yes
History 203 D C Enrolled No
Stats 120 D F Enrolled No
English 120 C Enrolled * No
Religion 130 W F Enrolled Yes
Biology 217 F F Enrolled Yes
Economics 201 D W * No
Senior Study/Thesis X X Enrolled Yes