Congratulations on your graduation! If you borrowed through Federal student loans while in school, your loans will enter into their grace or repayment period. The Department of Education requires that you be informed of your rights and repayment responsibilities of your student loans through an exit interview.

Prior to graduation, if you have received federal loans or a TEACH grant to assist in your education expenses, you will be notified to complete a loan exit interview by the Financial Aid office for Federal Direct Loans and the TEACH grant or the Business Office for Perkins Loans. Exit interviews must be completed before graduation.

You may click on the links below to begin the loan exit counseling process on-line.

Federal Direct Loan Exit Interview

You must have use your FSA ID to log in to the  site in order to complete your exit counseling.

If you have any questions regarding completing your exit counseling, please contact Melanie Croft in the Maryville College Financial Aid Office at 865-981-8100.

Perkins Exit Interview

If you have any questions regarding your Perkins Loans, please contact the Maryville College Business Office at 865-981-8147.

If you are uncertain if you have received a Federal Loan while in attendance at Maryville college, you may check your Federal Financial Aid History at You must have the FSA ID issued to you when you filed the FAFSA to access your account.

TEACH Grant Exit Interview

You must have your federal FSA ID issued to you when you filed your FAFSA to access your TEACH grant account.

If you have any questions regarding completing your exit counseling, please contact Melanie Croft in the Maryville College Financial Aid Office at 865-981-8100.


Withdrawal Policies

The date a student withdraws from college will determine how the student's financial aid is affected.

Federal Financial Aid 

Federal Aid is earned throughout the semester according to Department of Education established guidelines. Although awarded in full at the beginning of the term, if a student withdraws from the college during the semester, the Federal Financial Aid received may be pro-rated and adjusted to the student’s account according to the Federal Department of Education formula.

Federal Direct Loans and Perkins Loans will enter into a grace period effective the last day in attendance at the institution.  Currently Direct Loans have a grace period that lasts up to 6 months and Perkins Loans have grace periods that last 9 months.  All students who have received Direct Loans or Perkins Loans while attending Maryville College must complete an exit interview upon their departure from the college. If you have received Federal Loans or a TEACH Grant to assist in your education expenses, you will be notified to complete an exit interview by the Financial Aid office.  The Business office will contact you regarding the Perkins Loan exit interview.

Maryville College Aid

Upon withdrawal from Maryville College or dropping to below full-time student status, any institutional aid you may have received is re-calculated according to the Maryville College Student Withdrawal Policy.

Withdrawal Process 

Should a student decide during the year or at the close of the year to terminate enrollment at Maryville College, the withdrawal procedure is as follows:

  • Report to the Student Affairs Office located in Bartlett Hall and obtain a Student Withdrawal Form
  • Have the form signed by each area listed on the Student Withdrawal Form
  • Take the completed Withdrawal Form to the Business Office located in Fayerweather Hall

Withdrawal from the College, voluntarily or involuntarily, requires resident students to abide by the official check-out procedures. Failure to do this will result in an “improper check-out fee.” Resident students should vacate the room and leave campus within a twenty-four hour period.

 Students are responsible for any costs incurred by the College, including collection and litigation costs. If a refund is anticipated, it will be processed as promptly as possible.  Please note that students who do not follow official withdrawal procedures may end up forfeiting their deposit.

Return of Title IV Funds Calculation

The percentage of aid earned by Title IV recipients is determined by calculating the percentage of the term completed. Scheduled breaks of at least five days in length are excluded in the calculation. Beyond 60%, there is no recalculation of charges or refunds; students are charged for the entire semester.   (Days completed in period)  / (Total days in period) = % of period completed.

The amount of earned Title IV aid is determined by applying the earned percentage to the total Title IV aid that was or could have been disbursed to a student. (% of period completed)  x  (Title IV aid that was or could have been disbursed)  =  Earned Aid.

The amount of Title IV aid to be returned is determined by subtracting the earned aid from awarded Title IV aid (disbursed or could have been disbursed, excluding Federal Work Study).

 The responsibility to repay unearned aid is shared by the College and its students in proportion to the aid each is assumed to possess. The institution’s share is the lesser of the total amount of unearned aid or the institutional charges multiplied by the percentage of aid that was earned. The student's share is the difference between the total unearned amount and the institution’s share. All unearned Title IV funds for which the institution is responsible will be returned to the Department of Education within 45 days from the date the College determines a student to have withdrawn.

The College’s share of funds related to unearned aid is allocated among the Title IV programs, in an order specified by statute, before the students share is calculated. After the student's share is fully allocated among the Title IV programs students will only owe grant overpayments if the overpayment exceeds 50% of the Title IV grant aid received; however, students are not required to return grant overpayments of $50 or less. Refunds and repayments will be distributed to the appropriate Title IV, HEA programs in the following order:

  • Parent Plus Loan
  • Unsubsidized Loan
  • Subsidized Loan
  • SEOG Grant
  • Pell Grant

Charge Reduction Policy

 Please view the charge reduction policy here..