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Maryville College Works integrates career preparation for today’s job market with a time-tested, small-college liberal arts education. Career readiness these days means learning how to market yourself, becoming a pro with new job-search and career-development technologies, and knowing how to sniff out quality opportunities. Liberal arts students ask open-ended questions, and have broad knowledge that prepares them to be free-thinking participants in a complex world. Maryville College Works is a step-by-step, developmental curriculum that channels the agility of liberal arts thinking towards specific career goals in order to maximize our graduates’ abilities to find fulfilling vocations.

  • newly revamped Career Center that keeps students up to date with new professional trends and that offers individual advising, resume critiques, and workshops on vocational topics

  • Regular, one-on-one meetings with an advisor who is a faculty member in the student’s major or in a related field.

  • Center for International Education offering opportunities and scholarships for international study and work that last from three weeks to an entire semester.
  • Multiple online resources providing experiences and information such as: interview practice, personalized assessments, career descriptions and statistics, and job searches.

  • A vibrant athletics program, including varsity and intramural sports that help build skills desired by employers.

  • Multiple leadership positions available through 50 clubs and organizations on campus.

MC Works Roadmapclick or touch to open

Year-To-Year Goalsclick or touch to open

Year to Year Goals
  • Discover personal strengths
  • Explore career paths and choose a major
  • Develop 4-year graduation plan
  • Discuss career options in major
  • Learn about grad school choices
  • Create specific career goals
  • Complete an internship or grad school preparation
  • Build job search competencies
  • Complete final resume and interview
  • Articulate the connections between college & career

, Maryville College has been helping students reach their career goals. With the launch of Maryville College Works in the Fall of 2014, the College is placing even greater emphasis on professional preparation by integrating career-related advising and experiences into its four-year, liberal arts curriculum.

What profession is right for me?

At Maryville College, first-year students take a personalized assessment to learn what skills and interests they have and what career choices may suit them. After several meetings with a faculty advisor to discuss the findings of the assessment and career aspirations, students officially choose a major and begin working with faculty in that discipline. First-year students also learn resume writing, networking and interviewing skills.

What kinds of internships and experiences will help me land a job or be accepted into the graduate school I choose?
Because MC has developed partnerships with businesses, organizations, alumni and friends, MC students will have access to supportive mentors and opportunities for meaningful internships at a rate unprecedented in previous years.

Unlike other institutions that leave it up to the student to develop job-searching skills, MC has added career-related advising and internships to its four-year, liberal arts curriculum so that after graduation, students have the skills and experiences necessary to get the job offers and graduate-school acceptances they want.


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Goals Overviewclick or touch to open

The goal of this program is to deliver a transformative educational experience for our students. The aim is to demonstrate the vibrancy and value of the liberal arts for the 21st century.  While reaffirming our traditional emphasis on critical thinking skills and disciplinary expertise, the Maryville College Works program pairs core academic values with significant practical experiences.

This carefully-designed, integrated program builds bridges between the classroom and the work place. Through significant practical experiences, our students will understand how applicable and marketable their disciplinary and core skills are in the workforce.

Equally important, their employers will realize the value of a liberal arts education,  one that trains students to think critically and  independently, to apply research skills to problem solving, and to communicate clearly and effectively.  Building bridges between the classroom and the workplace has the very real potential of transforming what it means to be a student and a professor at a liberal arts college.

Learning Outcomesclick or touch to open

  1. STUDENTS will acquire the knowledge to complete a personal vocation, career preparation and implementation plan.
  2. STUDENTS will participate in a significant, practical experience
  3. STUDENTS will articulate how 1) their educational experience and 2) their significant, practical experience applies to their professional opportunities.

Getting an Internshipclick or touch to open

How do I go about getting an internship?
Students work one-on-one with a faculty member in their division to identify their professional goals and obtain their chosen internship. Because of the College’s location in Blount County and proximity to Knoxville, Tenn., and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, students have been able to intern or work with employers such as Blount Memorial Hospital, Clayton Homes, the Knoxville Museum of Art, the National Park Service, Newell Rubbermaid and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Employers value the College’s academic rigor and often seek out MC students for placements. In some cases, working in a research lab, studying abroad or creating original works of art may be the best exposure students have to a future profession. 


Real Students, Real Experiences

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Clayton Homes


 As an intern with Clayton Homes, psychology major Kelly Stephens '14 researched methods by which the home manufacturing company’s leadership program could be evaluated and then developed ways to implement them. Her experience influenced her Senior Study topic, and it also confirmed for her a career path in industrial psychology. At graduation, she was offered a position as Clayton’s organizational development specialist. 

Coulter Grove Intermediate School


Cheree Self Purdy ‘13 completed her student teaching requirement at Coulter Grove Elementary School in Maryville, where she was able to apply new instructional and management theories to the classroom under the guidance of top-notch public school teachers. Having the skills and confidence to go out and apply for jobs after graduation, she landed one as a second grade teacher at Eaton Elementary School in Loudon County.

First Presbyterian Knoxville


Before graduating in 2013, religion major Jordan Tarwater completed internships with the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program in Louisville, Ky., and at First Presbyterian Church in Knoxville. The experiences strengthened both his theological exploration and his applications to graduate schools. He received a full-tuition scholarship to Union Theological Seminary in New York City and is now pursuing a master of divinity (M.Div.) degree. 



Human resource management major Delena Gray ‘13 interned with the nearby Newell-Rubbermaid plant, which produces all Sharpie pens sold in the United States. While there, Delena worked on formatting job descriptions, logging corrective actions, updating I-9 files and distributing evaluations. She also helped organize fun employee appreciation events like a Back-to-School breakfast and “Muffins for Mother's Day.”



Robert Adams '14 had the opportunity to complete an internship with the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) hosted by the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. In this highly competitive Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), Robert helped with researching protein translation. The research was focused on determining if researchers can extract information from genomic sequences.

Pennant Foods


Business major Autumn Brown ‘15 was the first MC student to benefit from a new partnership with Pennant Foods, which operates 90 Wendy’s restaurants in both Tennessee and California. An aspiring accountant, Autumn explored many facets of accounting and was able to experience what professionals in the field do on a day-to-day basis.

PYXL Digital Marketing


As a writing/communications major, Garrett Painter '14 had an internship with Pyxl, a digital marketing firm with offices in Knoxville; Scottsdale, Ariz.; and Boulder, Colo. As a digital communications intern, Garrett blogged, managed social media accounts, created social media analytic reports and participated in demand generation campaigns for clients. Possessing a resume filled with relevant skills and experiences, he was able to land a job with Scripps Networks Interactive.

RT Lodge


International studies major Brittany Miller ‘15 enjoyed employment at RT Lodge, an upscale estate located in the College Woods. As a member of the lodge’s event staff, Brittany assisted with corporate retreats and “destination” weddings and learned to step up as a leader while also being a member of a team that was required to adapt to a new event each weekend. Most importantly, she said, her work helped her understand the importance of truly serving others and doing that service “with a smile and open heart.”

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship


Mathematics major Hannah Fry ‘14, spent a summer in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Her research involved analyzing an electromagnetic band from a remote sensor to determine a reliable method for collecting data related to phenological responses (birds migrating, flowers blooming, and leaves changing colors). Hannah continued the research as a part of her Senior Study.

The United Way of Blount County


Jose Perez ‘15 and Owen Shelnutt ‘15 completed summer internships at the United Way of Blount County, where they provided valuable work for the non-profit. Jose translated the United Way's needs assessment survey into Spanish, and Owen conducted research on the Coast2Coast pharmacy discount card. Both MC students gained a better sense of the wider community through their internships.