I Studied AbroadWhat is Study Abroad?


Study abroad is how we describe any overseas experience that is credit-bearing! You choose what works for you - study, intern, volunteer abroad! Follow the "Choose a Program" link below or "Programs" on the left toolbar to explore different options available to you.

How do I study/intern/volunteer abroad?

  1. Explore Programs and come to a Study Abroad 101 info session
  2. Complete our Inquiry Form AND Email Us to set up an appointment.
  3. Talk to your Academic Advisor about how an education abroad program can fit into your degree plan!
  4. Apply to a Program
  5. Apply for Scholarships (and don't forget to talk to the Financial Aid Office!)
  6. Prepare for Departure (Register for OVS 203 the semester prior to departure for summer/semester programs)
  7. Find Information about passports, health and safety issues, communications, general travel tips and much more.