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Education Abroad Opportunities

 The Maryville College Education Abroad program gives students the opportunity to participate on a life-changing experience.  Our programs offer students the opportunity to:

  • Live and learn alongside locals
  • Build real connections and gain a true understanding of what it is like to live in another culture
  • Be part of an international community of over 300 institutions that work together to provide students with education abroad experiences
  • Have access to affordable, high quality programs
  • Earn academic credit in all fields of study for time spent in another country.

Students can study abroad on a travel study program with MC faculty and students, or can stay for a few weeks during the summer and take classes on a specific topic or another language.  Students can spend a semester or year taking classes one wouldn't normally get a chance to take.  Education abroad is an amazing opportunity to become intimately engaged in another culture by living it every day, and to also reflect on one's own values and ideas.

MC students can search by type below:

Semester/Year Abroad Programsclick or touch to open

You may choose to study abroad in English or in the native language of your host countries.  Semester or year-long programs are opportunities to be fully immersed in a university in another country.

Are you eligible?  Programs generally require a GPA of 2.75. (some higher)

Semester/Year-Long Study Abroad Opportunities

Dollarsign Are you on a budget?? - semester exchanges are often your best deal!

Travel Study Programsclick or touch to open


(Faculty-Led Programs - May or Spring Break)

These 10-21 day programs are led by Maryville College faculty and fulfill many Maryville College requirements. Programs are offered in different countries each year.  No GPA requirement. 

2020 MAY-TERM (details coming soon)

Travel Study Programs 

"Traveling to another country, especially one very different from your own, is a truly incredible and irreplaceable experience, and I plan to do so many more times."                 
-MC in Costa Rica participant

Summer Study & Intern Programsclick or touch to open

Study Abroad: 

Learn a language. Study a specific topic. Summer programs are designed to give you four to eight weeks in another country.  You can find the option of your dreams through one of our partners!

  • ISEP Summer Programs
  • CEA Study Abroad Summer Programs
  • ISA Summer Programs
  • CISAbroad Summer Programs

Intern and Service Learning Abroad: 

Opportunities for EVERY major!  Click on the Summer Programs link!

Summer Study/Intern/Service Programs

 Dollar sign On a budget, but want an internship abroad? - look at ISA's Service Learning Programs.

Are you eligible?  GPA requirements vary by program.  Average minimum is 2.5.

Volunteer (Service) Abroad Programsclick or touch to open

  • Every summer:  Look at our Summer Service Programs
  • May-term 2020: Check out our Travel Study Programs above!
  • May-term 2019: Travel Study Program to Peru 
  • Alternative Spring Break 2019: MC in Cabo Verde with Circle K
  • Summer (May) 2017: Dominican Republic Summer Program (with Bonner Scholars)
  • Summer 2015:  Two weeks in Costa Rica with Bonner Scholars

Athleticsclick or touch to open


Maryville College Athletics works hard to develop programs abroad for athletes to travel as part of their NCAA athletic program.  Current plans in development include:

  • Spring Break 2017: Maryville College Soccer  - Western Europe
  • Winter 2017: Maryville College Baseball - Dominican Republic
  • 2018-19: MC Scots Softball Team - Costa Rica (tentative)
  • 2018-19: MC Scots Volleyball Team - Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy)
  • 2019-20: MC Scots Soccer Team - Europe; MC Scots Basketball  - Italy


Study Abroad Application

  • October 1: Travel Study Programs (May-term programs)
  • November 15: Fall, Academic Year programs 
    (apply 1 year in advance)
  • February 15: Summer Education Abroad Programs (study/intern/service-learning)
  • April 15: Spring study abroad programs (apply 1 year in advance)

Scholarship Application

  • October 1: Spring & May-term study abroad programs (Ragsdale/Tuck)
  • March 1: Fall, Summer, Travel Study (January/Spring Break/May) or Academic Year programs (Ragsdale/Tuck)


Not finding what you are looking for?  Be sure to read our non-affiliated programs information.