In our effort to foster global engagement and international competencies across our curriculum we recognize that there is more than one way to do this.  We also realize that, for a variety of reasons, students may decide that now is not the only or best time to travel abroad.  

Maryville College students can choose to do any of the below remote options to gain global competency and earn credit towards their degree.  Contact for more information

Remote Courses

Instead of taking a whole semester abroad or online, these programs offer 1-2 courses that can be combined with your MC courseload.  Taking 12 credits at MC?  Add one more to build your global competency, digital technology and teamwork skills. (see NACE's Career Readiness Competencies here)

CEA Study Abroad offers remote coursework in select fields that you can take in combination with your Maryville College course load.  (6-7 credits)

"Engage in a virtual semester, allowing international perspectives and global contexts to converge at your own desk. With weekly lessons, CEA’s faculty will use various formats to present relevant material, and teach and offer case studies to enrich your learning experience. The Liberal Arts & Social Sciences curriculum gives you access to international content and expertise not typically accessible on your home campus. Courses represent a variety of disciplines (Art History, Communication, Cultural Studies, Psychology, Philosophy, and Sociology) and offer the possibility to learn about and from cultures in Argentina, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain. With unique features that create opportunities for cultural engagement, CEA’s virtual study environment will set you up for success in the global, online world that awaits you upon graduation."


CIS Abroad offers virtual SUMMER course programs. Greece, Hawaii, Italy, Spain, & England

"Set yourself apart this summer by taking innovative online courses from our academic partners abroad. It’s not a substitute for IRL travel, but our Virtual La Vida Local series will keep you connected to your host country (and likely planning that future semester abroad)."

ISA offers three Remote Learning options (1 course, 3 credits)

Italy: Italian Art & Culture

Spain: Global Topics & Spanish Language

Costa Rica: Global Studies & Spanish Language

Virtual Internships

Why do a Customized Virtual Internship?

These programs offer not only a comprehensive professional experience, they also put you ahead of other students in skills that employers are looking for (Global Fluency, Digital Technology, Teamwork, Communication)

Customized placements - no long internship hunt, and application after application without success.

Career Management & Professional Development are part of the package.  Seminars, cultural orientations, virtual check-ins, professional mentors, digital badging, alumni groups, future discounts for travel and more.

Kaya Responsible Travel Remote Internships

"Contribute to meaningful work, connect with locals, and experience the culture of Morocco, South Africa, Ecuador, or Vietnam, while gaining valuable international work experience in a virtual environment with Kaya’s remote internship program.  Now more than ever, Kaya’s community partners around the world are reaching out for the help of interns who can help them push forward their great work. Your remote internship, (also known as a virtual internship or online internship), will contribute to a capacity building-project for an organization tackling social or environmental issues in their local community. No matter your major, you can trust that your internship will be aligned with Kaya’s mission to promote sustainable social, environmental, and economic development. Not only will you gain relevant cross-cultural work experience and boost your resume, the results of your work will make a long-lasting impact in a community in your host country. Alongside your project placement, you’ll engage in interactive cultural workshops and connect with a local buddy your age to enhance your cross-cultural understanding of the host country."  ~ Kaya Responsible Travel

* language class add-ons may be available

CISabroad Virtual Internships

Argentina | Barcelona | Ecuador | New Zealand | South Africa

"Remote work isn’t the future way global business will function – it’s the present. With a virtual internship, work on projects for an international organization from your home base while adding a global perspective to your professional work experience. Apply your in-class knowledge to real-world projects, gain hands-on experience, expand your skill base, and learn what it’s like to work remotely across time zones and cultures. Although not a substitute for a traditional on-site experience, virtual internships can serve as an important stepping stone to build up your skills, resume, and cross-cultural understanding – a great foundation for future internships on site." ~ CIS Abroad

US-based VIRTUAL Global Internships are offered in the following locations:

CEA Virtual Internships

 Spain | Argentina | France | Italy | Costa Rica | Ireland | Australia | Prague, CZ
3-credit, 6 week internships can be part of your semester courseload!

"Virtual internships abroad offer you the opportunity to gain valuable résumé experience, build a global professional network and expand your skill set while staying local this summer. Offered across 10 cities in eight countries around the world, CEA’s virtual internships abroad allow you to boost your career path and add skills that will set you apart from candidates once you graduate and enter the job market. 

Whether you’re majoring in business, journalism, finance, arts, marketing or another field, CEA offers a range of virtual internship abroad placements designed to suit your interests.  Learn more about CEA’s virtual internships abroad below so that you can find an opportunity that aligns with your major and career goals!"  ~ CEA Study Abroad
UK | Spain | Asia | Australia
ISA offers 
  • 4 or 8-week Group Project Remote Internships
  • 8-week Individual Remote Internships
  • 16-week Part-Time Individual Internships
"The Global Remote Internship Program provides students with the unique opportunity to gain practical 21st century skills, industry, connections, and international business experience through project-based learning.

Students will participate in either a group project, facilitated by a Professional Mentor, or an individual placement. In all cases, participants will work remotely from their own home and still gain valuable international experience." ~ ISA Internshps Abroad

Application Information

I want in! What do I need to know?

  1. Reach out to to set up an appointment to make the best plan for you.
  2. Once you know which program you want to apply for, apply on the provider website (see above)
  3. The Center for International Education (CIE/IHouse) will help you with any registration details and documentation for MC

Deadlines vary across providers and program types.  

CIS Abroad

Varies: July 15 or September 1

CEA Study Abroad

July 13 for Fall session 1

August 21 for Fall session 2


July 20th PT 16-week placements 

August 1st 8 week individual placements, 4 or 8 week group projects

 Kaya Responsible Travel

August 14 Fall programs