Students in EuropeSummer Programs give students the opportunity to study in a foreign country for a short period, often focusing on intensive language study or one aspect of a country or culture. For example, students can experience the Korean language and culture, work with and study the Australian Indigenous population, or travel to Russia to learn about the history of Communism. Students who wish to improve their language skills or learn about a special academic subject in another country will benefit from Summer Programs. This is also a good option for students with a very rigid major or paradigm.

START PLANNING FOR SUMMER 2020!  We recommend you apply between November - January 15, 2020

Our deadline is February 15th, but some programs may have earlier deadlines (Nanzan University, Japan for example) 

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MC in London (Psychology of Murder & more)

MC in London

Location: University of Roehampton, London, England

Dates: June or July (3 weeks each)
Courses/Credit: 3 credits for each 3 week session
Housing: Residence Hall
Popular Coursework: 

More information: 

Brochure: University of Roehampton (2019 version coming soon)

3 weeks: $3,200*

6 weeks: $5,700*

Apply with this MC summer application if you are interested, and email for more information.

Photo credit: Digital 341/Pixabay

Dublin: Child Psychology or Supply Chain Management in Micro-Distilleries

Photo credit: falco from Pixabay

Choose from 2 Amazing Programs: 

Child Psychology

Dates: June 2020
Courses/Credit:  3 credit course
Housing:  Student Residence or Homestay
Price: $4,9995

Supply Chain Management in Irish Micro-Distilleries 

Dates: June 2020
Courses/Credit:  3 credit course
Housing:  Student Residence or Homestay
Price: $4,9995
Popular Coursework:  Supply Chain Management 

May-term in Florence


Florence, Italy

(Florence University of the Arts, CISabroad)
Location: Florence University of the Arts, Italy (CISabroad)
Dates: May 2020
Courses/Credit: 3 credits for each 3 week session
Price: $4,490*
Popular Coursework: 
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing 
  • Sport Event and Facility Management 
  • The Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place and Promotion 
  • International Housing Markets
  • Property Management
  • Fashion Retail Management
  • Consumer Behavior and Retail Strategies
Fine Arts:
  • Digital Photography
  • Landscape and Architectural Photography 
  • iPhoneography 
  • Fashion Retail Management
  • Digital Graphic Illustration 
  • Gallery and Exhibition Curating 
  • Intro to Watercolor
  • Secret Gardens of Italy 
  • Intro to Renaissance Art
  • Private Voice Coach
Religious Studies
Health Promotion/OST:
  • Social Media
  • Social Psychology
Criminal Justice:
  • Contemporary Mafia and Antimafia 
Housing:  Apartments (double room)
Possible Excursions: Chianti, & Lucca
Photo credit: CISabroad

summer program options

Maryville College currently offers summer study abroad programs through our bilateral exchange partners, ISEPCEA, CISabroad, & ISA. These providers have been pre-approved for transfer credit to Maryville College.  If you have a question about a summer abroad program that is not  listed below, please contact to determine if the program is eligible for transfer.

(regardless of what CEA, ISA, ISEP or CISAbroad websites say)


Talk to us at International House for more information!



 ISEP** Language & Culture (Cordoba)

  • Engineering
  • Latin American Studies

CIS Language & Culture (Buenos Aires)

 Australia CIS (Gold Coast, Sydney or Adelaide - various fields)
 New Zealand    ISA 
 Belgium ISEP   Focus on Europe (Intl Studies & Business)
 Brazil ISEP  Brazilian Language, History, & Heritage
 Chile ISEP Spanish Language & Chilean Culture
 China, Hong Kong & Taiwan ISEP (Hong Kong) (Taiwan Language & Business)
 Costa Rica

CIS Language or Language + field of study *great for environmental studies & sustainability

ISEP Integrated Courses in Spanish, Language, or Sustainable Summer Sessions(EARTH University)


  • Language or Language + field of study (same program as CIS)
  • Medical Spanish & Health Sciences

*compare inclusions & price for CIS/CEA Veritas University Program



  • Intensive Spanish
  • Colombia Today - Language, Culture & Politics
 Czech Republic

ISEP Global Perspectives: Media, Communication and Culture OR Czechmates Internship
CEA  MC Scots in Prague Program  **extra financial incentives
CIS Business

 Dominican Republic ISA 

London - Roehampton Bilateral *use MC summer application 

CEA  (London South Bank or Westminster - Business, Arts & Sciences)
 CIS (Westminster or Bristol)

 Ecuador CIS (Quito - Spanish, Natural/Applied Sciences, Humanities, Social Sci)
 Finland ISEP  Human Sciences Program



  • French Alps Grenoble (French Language & Culture)
  • Paris (French Language @ the Sorbonne)
  • Paris (Liberal Arts & Social Sciences)
  • Paris (Engineering)
  • French Riviera (French Language & Culture)
  • Aix-en-Provence (Studio Arts)
  • Aix-en-Provence (Liberal Arts & Business)


  • Paris Language & Culture
  • Paris Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Aix Variety of Courses in French & English

Germany & Europe in a Turbulent World (Marburg)
International Summer School of Economics & Management (Hannover)
Sommarsemester - Variety of Courses (Eichstatt)
Migration Studies - (Eichstatt)


  • Berlin: European Union in a Global World
  • Berlin: European Business & Economics
  • Berlin: German Language & Culture





ISEP - American College of Thessaloniki (Business, Humanities, Computer Science & more - samples)

CIS - American Hellenic University (Athens, various)

Hawaii, USA



  • Dublin: Child Psychology, Supply Chain Management (Distilleries) & More
  • Dublin: Physics for Engineers
  • Galway - Ecology & Living Landscapes West Ireland
  • Galway - Irish Language & Culture
  • Galway - International Business

 CIS   Limerick (Various)




  • Rome (Liberal Arts)
  • Florence (Art Culture & Business in Italy)
  • Florence (Studio Art, Printmaking & Fashion Design)


  • Italian Coast - Hospitality Management
  • Rome
  • Perugia
  • Florence


CIS  Summer in Tokyo (English)

Korea ISEP Seoul (Yonsei or Hanyang - Look @ ISEP programs, but apply through MC bilateral agreement)
Mexico* ISEP Summer Program in Research (Guanajuato)
Morocco ISA
New Zealand *NEW  ISEP  National Expedition & Internship Programs (Massey University)


  • Amsterdam (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Peru CIS (courses in English)
Senegal *NEW ISEP Summer Service Learning
Scotland CIS (Stirling - various)
South Africa

CIS (Stellenbosch University)




  • Alicante (Spanish Language)
  • Alicante (Identity & Global Citizenship)
  • Alicante (Organic Chemistry)
  • Seville (Exercise & Sport Science)
  • Seville (Liberal Arts & Spanish)
  • Granada (Intensive Spanish)
  • Madrid (Spanish Language & Culture)
  • Madrid (Liberal Arts & Business)
  • Barcelona (Spanish Language & Culture)
  • Barcelona (Business & Liberal Arts)
  • Barcelona (Communication & Journalism)
  • Barcelona (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)
  • Barcelona (ESADE International Studies)


Thailand ISEP  Buddhism & Thai Society
CIS Business & Thai
Vietnam *NEW CIS Photography, Fashion & Innovation (Ho Chi Minh)
Multi-Country Programs

European Entrepreneurship Studies: Barcelona, Berlin & London
City Expeditions: London & Barcelona

Summer in Asia - South Korea & Japan

 * Mexico has a travel warning in some states.  As a result only the program in Guanajuato is open.
** note that for the ISA programs, there may be multiple options. Be sure to look at the "summer" tab
** *The ISEP link will take you to their program finder.  Click on the "semester" drop down box to select summer.

Summer Intern / Service-Learning Abroad Programsclick or touch to open

Maryville College students have the opportunity to do any internship abroad of their choice during the summer. However, the International Programming Committee has also taken the time to pre-approve some specific programs and partners. These summer internship abroad opportunities are linked here.

MC Study Abroad Scholarships are only available for approved programs.

Each program has a different application process and form available on the partner website. Generally an initial online application will be required, and at some point you need to be prepared to submit a resume and take part in an interview.

 Internship / Service-Learning Abroad Programs


Application Process:click or touch to open

It takes some planning to study abroad.  Summer Students generally apply between November and the beginning of January, so start thinking about your goals for going abroad and where you want to go early.  Here is the process you should follow:

Summer Study Abroad

Step 1: Fill out the Maryville College Summer Education Abroad Application

Step 2: Complete the Provider application form (one of the below)

ISEP logoISEP Programs ISEP Application 
CEA logo CEA Study Abroad Programs CEA Application Form
CIS logo CISAbroad:  CIS Abroad Application Form 
ISA   ISA ISA Application Form
MC in London U of Roehampton Only Maryville College Summer Education Abroad Application


 Step 3:  Register for OVS 203 the semester prior to your experience abroad.

Summer Internships Abroad

mc scots in barcelona or prague
cea internship or study/internship Programs
Step 2: Complete the CEA Application Form  (summer/intern only) 

cis abroad internship programs
  • Transcript
  • Resume
Step 2:

CIS Abroad Application Form  

isa internship/service learning programs
  • Transcript
  • Resume
Step 2:

ISA Application Form

DEADLINE: February 15, 2020

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