Study Abroad Opportunities

MC students can choose between 

Semester/Year-Long Opportunities

You may choose to study abroad in English or in the native language of your host countries.  Semester or year-long programs are opportunities to be fully immersed in a university in another country.

Travel Study Programs  (Faculty-Led Programs in January or May)

These three-week programs are led by Maryville College faculty and fulfill your experiential education requirement. Programs are offered in different countries each year.

Past Programs:

  • January 2016: France & Ecuador  
  • January 2015: Costa Rica & India

Spring Break (Embedded) Travel Study Programs

Summer Programs

  • Study Abroad: Learn a language. Study a specific topic. Summer programs are designed to give you four to eight weeks in another country.
    • MC in Spain Summer 2017 
    • ISEP Summer Programs
    • CEA Study Abroad Summer Programs
    • ISA Summer Programs
    • CISAbroad Summer Programs
  • Intern Abroad:  Opportunities for EVERY major!


Volunteering Abroad

  • Summer 2015:  Two weeks in Costa Rica with Bonner Scholars

Mountain Challenge Road Trips

These programs are sometimes international and sometimes US-based.  Currently no trips scheduled for 2015-16  



¡Hola! My name is Fiorina Adorati and I am currently completing my senior year in both Biochemistry and Spanish at Maryville College. Last semester, spring 2012, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain at the University of Santiago de Compostela. The city itself is named Santiago de Compostela, a Galician city, and has absolutely astonishing geographical beauty and medieval charm. During my time there, I had some of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I was also able to make amazing friends, learn about a different culture, and discover a lot about myself. Traveling abroad was by far the best decision I've made as a Maryville College student. As a result of my trip, I've made incredible friends and memories that will last a lifetime. In short, the follow phrase epitomizes what traveling abroad is all about, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Therefore, I believe exploring the world through travel is the only way to fill in all the blank pages the world has to offer. Take a chance and travel abroad--you won't regret it!

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