Why study Finance/Accounting at MC?

According to a Carnegie Foundation study published in Rethinking Undergraduate Business Education: Liberal Learning for the Profession, “…Students need to develop intellectual perspectives that enable them to understand the role of business within the larger global society, as well as to gain technical knowledge and skills. They need an education that cultivates a sense of professionalism grounded in loyalty to the mission of business to enhance society’s prosperity and well-being.”

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The Finance Accounting (FNAC) Major offers students the opportunity to learn finance and accounting practice and theory in the context of a liberal arts education. Liberal arts courses allow students to expound upon and further engage in the disciplines of finance and accounting. Through case study, collaborative projects, problem sets and journal readings, students develop strong critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills. Students learn to read and interpret financial statements, to prepare a financial analysis, the importance of budgets and variance analysis in management accounting, and about the role of money and banking in the economy. Through personal attention and small classes, students receive an education which allows them to successfully pursue entry positions in areas as corporate accounting, banking, brokerage, financial planning, trust and estate planning, as well as provide a solid foundation to enter graduate programs in business and accounting.

To be eligible to take the CPA exam, an individual must have earned a degree from an accredited college or university and complete a total of 150 semester hours with certain designated hours in accounting and in business. Several universities offer Master of Accountancy programs tailored for liberal arts college graduates; the admission standards of these programs require no additional accounting courses beyond what is offered through the accounting minor at Maryville College. Students interested in accounting, who have completed a Maryville College degree and accounting minor requirements may be eligible for the 15-month Master of Accountancy program available at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville upon completion of 3 additional accounting courses at UT in the summer following graduation.

Maryville College Works is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.

External Relationships

Capital One
Eastman Chemical Company
Fidelity Investments
Great West Casualty Company
Horne CPAs and Business Advisors
Pennant Foods
PNC Wealth Management
21st Mortgage
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance

Meet a current student

Andrew PierceAndrew Pierce ’19
Hometown: Maryville, Tenn.

Andrew’s career aspirations include becoming the CFO of a major company, using honest and thorough work to improve the company’s standing. He believes MC is giving him a realistic and well-rounded view of finance and accounting, encouragement to pursue his goals and, with Maryville College Works, a crucial edge in a very competitive job market. While a teller at Y-12 Federal Credit Union in 2018, he secured a summer internship in the Financial Services Department that allowed him to work directly with the credit union’s CFO and financial analyst. At the end of the summer, the CFO offered him a job in the Accounting Department. Today, in addition to finishing his senior-year studies, he is an accounting specialist.

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Featured Graduates

Alex WillardAlex Willard '17
Currently: Planning associate with LeConte Wealth Management

Alex worked as a tax and accounting intern at LeConte Wealth Management during spring 2017. He learned tax preparation software, developed a working knowledge of tax laws and prepared tax returns. The following fall, he was offered a job with the firm as a planning associate.
"As a full-time employee at LeConte, my roles have greatly expanded," he said. "I have gained greater responsibility for the upcoming tax season and have also been introduced to the financial planning aspect of the business. I am assisting the firm's advisors in a variety of ways as I begin my own process of becoming an investment advisor representative with the firm." 

Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown ’15

Currently: Federal auditor for KPMG in Knoxville Tenn.

Autumn minored in economics and sociology and completed internships with Pennant Foods and Clayton Homes while an MC student. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a master of accountancy degree in 2016 and passed her CPA exams in 2017.
“Being able to write and communicate well is vitally important in auditing. Maryville College not only provided me with an excellent foundation in accounting but also confidence and knowledge for communicating effectively in a business setting. Documenting audit procedures correctly and concisely and sending business emails are part of my daily duties,” she said. “I also believe having a liberal arts degree has given me opportunities to think more broadly and come up with more creative solutions to problems.”

Graduate School Placements

Belmont University - Massey School of Business
College of William and Mary - Mason School of Business
Hood College
Middle Tennessee State University - Jones College of Business
Trinity College, Dublin
University of Tennessee - Knoxville Haslam College of Business