As a degree requirement, each student completes an approved program of concentrated study in a major field. The major is commonly taken in a single discipline, along with several courses in related subjects. Some majors are interdisciplinary. An individualized major may be designed, however, to meet particular educational needs.

A disciplinary major consists of a minimum of 30 semester hours in a single discipline, including six hours devoted to a Senior Study.  In the B.A. and the B.S., the major may not require more than 50 hours in a single discipline (i.e. a single three-letter course designation).  The B.A. involves a maximum of 56 hours in all major and related subjects. The teacher licensure track within some majors may exceed the 56-hour limit because of the addition of professional courses. The B.S. involves a maximum of 70 hours in major and related courses.  For an individualized major, possible only with the B.A. and B.S. degrees, at least 18 hours in one subject, 12 hours in a related subject, and six hours in Senior Study are required; approval of the Committee on Individualized Instruction must also be obtained.

The student may select a major by the end of the first college year, but such selection may wait until the sophomore year in some fields. Postponement of the choice beyond the sophomore year, or a subsequent change of field, is likely to delay graduation beyond the normal four years. A student planning to pursue a major in a highly structured program, where the sequence of courses is an important consideration, is encouraged to confer with the appropriate academic division chair early in the first year of enrollment. Such fields include the foreign languages, natural sciences, mathematics, teacher education, physical education, and the cooperative programs in engineering and nursing.

Permission of the academic division chair must be secured in order to major in any field. Approval must be registered on the proper form filed by the adviser with the College Registrar. Continuation in the major is contingent upon satisfactory academic performance. Substitutions for required major courses are granted only in rare instances and require the written approval of the division chair. For all courses taken to satisfy major requirements for all degrees, a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 (2.70 for all teacher licensure majors), must be earned with no more than four semester hours below the grade of “C-.”